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A Passion for Wildlife Photography (Part 9) Stalking your Prey

Stalking Techniques 

  • Emulate movements of subject. (For reindeer, a local guide suggested simulating antlers by holding tripod legs over our head.)
  • Move slowly, pause periodically, & make no sudden moves.
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Sak Yant / Yantra Tattoo Tour Update - Cambodia - 2015

Sak Yant Tattoos originated in the Kingdom of Cambodia and due to the large amount of enquiries since I have started blogging about the Sak Yant Tattoos I have photographed being made I am delighted to offer a specialist Tattoo Tour in Siem Reap Cambodia. 375 more words


New on 500px : Coming in by snorri

Sunset at Lóndrangar on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, 20 minutes later the cloud had moved in bringing with it snow and wind. As we say in Iceland “Dont like the weather? 21 more words

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Passion for Wildlife Photography (Part 8), Hunting vs. Wildlife Photography

Hunting vs. Wildlife Photography


Both disciplines require knowledge of subject, i.e. where and when to find the animal. What does their behavior indicate? The hunter and photographer can both gain useful knowledge from signs that an animal is present  – tracks, scat (cat, bear, etc.), rubs, scrapes (deer), slides (otter), broken branches and claw marks on tree (bear), freshly gnawed logs near a beaver lodge or dam (active beaver), paths through vegetation, etc. 319 more words

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