Photo Travelogue: The Biggest Darkness (An Expedition to the Largest Cave Chamber on Earth)

When I was a little fat kid and my favorite computer game was Microsoft Encarta, I promised myself that one day I would visit the Sarawak Chamber in Borneo. 2,246 more words

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Poodles & Noodles: A Gastronome's Guide to Vietnamese Food

Going to a Vietnamese restaurant and ordering Pho is like going to a French restaurant and ordering a baguette. Sure, it’s a tasty meal, but you can do much better. 2,211 more words

Steve McDonald Backpackology

I am Siam, Siam I am: A History of Ladyboys, Pagan Drug Dealers, and Competitive Eyeball-Removal

Thailand had infrastructure, and it was designed to place me on a beach with a drink menu in my hand as quickly and efficiently as possible. 2,005 more words

Steve McDonald Backpackology

Going South on China: A Panda Hunt

Before I try to rationalize for you my ill-conceived quest into the bamboo forests of Sichuan, I’d like to clarify that I harbor no secret vendetta against the Giant Panda. 2,562 more words

Steve McDonald Backpackology

A Steppe Too Far?: Eagle Hunters, Cultural Darwinism, and Getting Banned in Kazakhstan

At 4:27PM, on the afternoon of October 29th, I received an e-mail from an acquaintance in Almaty, informing me that Backpackology has been banned in Kazakhstan.  2,196 more words

Steve McDonald Backpackology

Silk Road Ramblings: Lost Empires, Gobi Fugitives, and The Secret Meth Habit of Marco Polo

I have conquered the Silk Road.

I’ve hid from Chinese guards in the starlit dunes of the Gobi.

I’ve visited mud-thatched villages and seen old Uighur men as hairy as camels shriek in wonder and delight as they passed around a plastic, light-up Hasbro guitar. 2,070 more words

Steve McDonald Backpackology

Wednesday Wanderings: Uighur Food of the Kashgar Night Market

If you’ve never waken up in the middle of the night to the sound of your own screams after suffering traumatic, reoccurring dreams the revolve around mutton fat, then you haven’t spent too much time in the Xinjiang province of Western China. 246 more words

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