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Starting a Hat With the Magic Circle and Keeping Your Double Crochet Seam Straight

I am currently working on a newborn fisherman outfit/photo prop and thought that I should show what I am doing, as I go.  I love the magic circle and use it anytime I can! 557 more words

Create Magic Circle

Hi photographers!

This is the famous Pose partage french photography website blog in English, now live on WordPress!

Why an English blog? Because you all English speakers have to know what Pose partage is, and get some fresh news about our discussions, blog, articles


Reversible (Double) Knitting Technique...

The Reversible Knitting technique is as old as knitting itself and was originally used to create very thick layers of fabric in climates which needed the extra layer against the cold. 639 more words

Nutty For Fiber...

Good morning fellow knitters and fiber enthusiasts. Can you believe just how quickly time is flying these days? Halloween is almost upon us and very shortly thereafter, the festive season. 714 more words

Mitered Corner Tutorial

Another use for the Folded Corner Clipper would be to make a mitered corner, for example, in a border.  Begin by placing your strips right sides together: 146 more words

Folded Corner Clipper

Folded Corner Clipper Idea

I had another inquiry from a friend regarding a use for the Folded Corner Clipper.  She wondered if she could make a Snowball Block, and on the corners, use triangles instead of squares.  309 more words

Folded Corner Clipper