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~53 Of 365~


I don’t want to touch them, but this guy was cooperative.  Are they nocturnal?  I am wondering because when I picked up the flower pot he just sat there and gave me the stink eye, albeit to my luck because I would have freaked out if had it jumped at me.   109 more words


Rā 53, Rāapa 22 o Huitānguru 2017

Not such an inspiring start to the day today but a brisk walk along the river isn’t too bad!

Tonks was quite demanding and friendly today!

Rā 52, Rātu 21 o Huitānguru 2017

A beautiful way to start the day! A swim in Lake Tikitapu. Couldn’t believe how warm it was! Renee and I swam out to the pontoon, did a few dives, (and a handstand on the pontoon!) and marvelled at how clear the water was. 18 more words

Rā 51, Rāhina 20 o Huitānguru 2017

Morning working at home then off to Rotorua for Whānau hui tomorrow. Worked in the Airbnb accommodation for a couple of hours before escaping for a walk around Tikitapu with Renée, followed by a quick dip. 37 more words

~51 Of 365~

The Doorway.

We went to eat at this restaurant and it was full of this and that’s.  This is the main doorway.  The inside was still playing Holiday music and had stuff hanging everywhere.   34 more words