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Wild Horses

Birdy, Beautiful Lies ’16

Our human hearts forget how strong they are
And they get lost along the way
It’s not giving up, it’s letting go… 6 more words


The Lion sleeps Tonight

Tight Fit, ’82

My little darling
Don’t fear, my little darling
The Lion sleeps tonight


Rā 145 Rāmere 26 o Haratua 

Enjoyed an amazing spectacle at Clarence Street Theatre this evening. Tiki Taane’s music and contemporary dance told am emotional and raw story. No photos allowed during the show but he was happy to be snapped while autographing CDs.


Sitting on Top of the World

Lenny Gravitz, Let love Rule ’89

The only way for you to survive
Is to open your heart it will guide
You wanna stay in this world… 10 more words


Rā 143 Rāapa 24 o Haratua

Wednesday is game night! Hillcrest High School v St Paul’s College. Usually a white wash but our boys played their socks off and limited the St Paul’s team to 4! Result!


Rā 142 Rātu 23 o Haratua 

A day with no photos!! Well, apart from one of Aonghas who is an unwilling subject and who is reluctant to have his photo published on the Internet! So…edited, here it is!