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I see you went with Hamm's

36/365  / /  a night wherein your friends’ faces are lit perfectly by Fat Tire signage, you’ve journeyed back to the World’s Worst Basement once again, and queso and enchiladas constitute a heavenly meal. 12 more words

en route to a paradise

35/365  / /  (of a kind.) The only photo of a handful that really turned out from the evening’s little walk. Afterwards we (meaning I, mostly) ate our weight in pizza and watched/rewatched  24 more words


34/365  / /  in typically enthralling life news, my bulletin board is coming along quite nicely. I’ve been eager for some inch of change in my room, and this is definitely a good beginning. 56 more words

2016 Photo a Day Week 4

It’s the end of January already … I cannot believe it.  A short week photographically as I’m only choosing 5 images and a short post as it’s Thursday already and I really need to get up and ready for the day.   125 more words


a dear friend's home

33/365  / /  replete with wine and bright lights and succulents and books to be packed. (And, of course, a canine-esque cat named Spooky.) I couldn’t be more excited or proud for her. 15 more words