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Highlight of the Day(Stress-eating)

I have been stress-eating since yesterday and I know it’s bad but I can’t help it. What happened to my mom was really stressful to us her kids but I can’t imagine what she’s feeling. 106 more words


Highlight of the Day(Police!)

It’s an exhausting day not only for me but most especially my mom. So this morning she went to have her flu shot and went straight to the shop. 247 more words


Highlight of the Day(A Nice Day and December)

Today is such a nice day! Nice weather; not too cold, not too warm; just right. Today is also one one my bestfriend’s birthday. She’s working in Dubai so I just sent her a message. 106 more words


Highlight of the Day(Autumn Wonders)

When I was back home(with only 2 seasons), whenever autumn is mentioned, there’s a notion that it is gloomy. It has the feels of sadness and death. 68 more words