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Rā 85, Rātapu 26 o Poutū-te-rangi 2017

The day after the day before. Tired. Mixed feelings. Another Oxfam medal but it doesn’t seem so special when we didn’t finish as a full team. 32 more words

~85 Of 365~

Sunday’s Thoughts.

I like this place.

I put a bench underneath one of the old oaks by the cutting garden.  I was in a hurry to pick and all of a sudden I decided to just sit.   8 more words


~84 Of 365~

Getting the Family Tree done and going through docs.  It’s very time consuming, but in the end, I will have a clean trace of lineage which at this moment goes into the 1600’s and the Mayflower.   40 more words


Rā 83, Rāmere 24 o Poutū-te-rangi 2017

Perfect weather for a long walk but this afternoon just a stroll along the beach to get some fresh air. I even had a swim in the sea – surprised how warm it still is. 19 more words

~82 Of 365~


After writing yesterday’s post photo from  Tales From My Lens, I played around and went a little crazy on the feet pic.  Today I continued fooling around with it and came up with this.   10 more words


Rā 82, Rāpare 23 o Poutū-te-rangi 2017

Two sleeps to go! After 3 hours in a car and 3 and a half hours sitting down in a school today, a walk to the pub for 3 beer Thursday seemed to beckon! 11 more words

~81 Of 365~

Some Days It Has To Rain.

Murray came up to the secret garden and of course, it started the rain newscasters were talking about.  So we took a break inside the coffee *to be* shed while is passed. 8 more words