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My 5 Favorite Monthly Challenges

When you think about it, you can really accomplish a lot in thirty days. That’s why I love a good monthly challenge. They can be great sources of inspiration; with many hobbies, challenges can also be a way to break out of your comfort zone. 714 more words

Weekly Inspiration

a failure to (besprechen)

123/366  / /  lay me down in willow-weeds. In my broken german and your green pen I’ll dream you up into an impossibility, unwillfully large, otherworldly smart. 23 more words

operator, innovator

122/366  / /  I may have been one foot out the door at any and all times, but I was invested, you fool. Maybe they all sense what a crook you are, how little you think of them and their kind. 7 more words

realistically, not everyone does

121/366  / /  yesterday was saturn; today the pills are mars. You grew bored of me. You shook me, settled for something better. I am on the verge of settling in with whatever wicked thing comes my way.

a day of jazz

120/366  / /  and messy biopics, and breaking down, and a beer I couldn’t handle. A sweetness that I could. Today is all gloom and rain falling to the earth and confusing Kind of Blue for Birth of the Cool. 12 more words

you're a little soft, I could see

119/366  / /  written in him, judgmental, simple. At this point I’m keeping them closer, in the old saying. Beer antiquing, eyes up to god. Years before I saw something like: I am getting tired of these same old conversations. 17 more words