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even if I tried

147/366  / /  a day I survived: of food eaten quickly and without enjoyment, a beer I enjoyed; of the unexpected and the haphazard; of missing somebody, dearly; of wanting to be claimed; of Hegel and Locke in a free-for-all package; of volumes to be put away; of mothers and quirks greatly missed; of drinks paid for by strange hands; dishes in the sink, pages unread; volumes 1-13.

a lack of fortitude, color, and an inability to escape

146/366  / /  don’t be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves––

& I never will

145/366  / /  when you left me alone I contemplated the stacks of your little library. Lift me up and over with your steady arms (suspicious strong). 27 more words

a Celmins landscape

144/366  / /  Tenderly, I diminish myself for you; tenderly I take responsibility for any and all ailments. Sketch the sea in graphite once daily. Today I am struggling, as a result of my practiced self-effacement. 7 more words

(not for lack of trying)

143/366  / /  she said; you’re being showered, you are being spoiled. Treasure this uplift whilst you can. Cradle the phenomenon of good treatment, cooked breakfast, in between your dry perfumed hands. 14 more words

quick sprite,

142/366  / /  common denominator: but none of them who you swore to. Yesterday I explained you away. Yesterday my heart was stolen by a bat-eared chiquita banana with snaggleteeth and baby-feet. 13 more words