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The JR Ad Selection: Photoblocker - Norte Beer

Are you afraid of being spotted cheating on your partner? Are you afraid of having an inappropriate picture of you made public on Facebook? Well, Norte Beer created a solution for you : A bottle cooler equipped with a flash light that can detect when a picture is being took and that has already been made available in multiple night clubs in Northern Argentina. 85 more words
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Norte Beer - Photoblocker

One of the great ironies of our time is the sheer number of Facebook users who label their debauched post-Las Vegas photo albums some variation of: “What Happens in Vegas…” Obviously, very little that happens in Nevada’s party district, or anywhere else, manages to stay there these days. 476 more words

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Annoyed by friends and strangers tagging you in facebook photos? Norte beer has developed a beer cooler that detects when photos are being taken and quickly sends a flash to keep you safe and sound. 74 more words


Now what happens at the club … really stays at the club.

TakeAway: Norte, a South American beer, is taking a new approach to protect its brand by protecting its customers from being in unbecoming pictures that could end up on the web. 87 more words

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Norte Photoblocker

From the amazing bastards that brought you The Best Excuse Ever comes a practical piece of protection against anti-social media.

Norte Photoblocker

So you can now avoid pictures like this ever seeing the light of facebook: 19 more words