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The Edinburgh Series | A month on film #5

The excitement of dropping off my film to be developed reached a new high this month. Having shot in some new places, some quite removed from city life, and having invested in a new film camera after my trusty Olympus broke beyond repair, I was beyond excited to see how they developed. 177 more words


Project 52: Golden Hour

I am to that point of the baseball season where my creativity is really low, so I decided to try to find it again one night at the park.  44 more words


Lush, lusher, the lushest

What a privilege these days thanks to modern technologies to be able to write this new story while sitting at the edge of a river breathing in air filled with summery warmth and being refreshed after a bath in it. 600 more words


The Best So Far...

“It won’t get much better than this”. It’s great to those moments that stop you in your tracks. You fall silent because you don’t want to ruin perfection. 255 more words


A Little Insight About Anguish, Pain, Camping and Healing

Life can be an asshole.

No really…Just when we think we’ve survived one tragedy, life inevitably hands us another. We rely on support from our tribe who all mean well. 512 more words