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Desert Spoon

I have lived in the desert for several years now, and I have grown to appreciate the beauty that it has to offer.

Upon moving to a desert climate, I was under the impression that it was going to be “brown and boring.” I had made this determination without taking the time to look for the beauty in my environment. 121 more words

Welcome: The Ultimate 2017 Resolution

Welcome to my blog, Avenue E (is this actually happening!?). After playing around with this idea for a while, bouncing plans off of friends, and pretty much over thinking everything, I finally made the leap to start this creative hobby. 177 more words


The cable cars and life's ups&downs

Life’s all about ups and downs. I get it. We all do.

But how do we cope with the downs?

There’s a thing about me that makes this issue easier and harder at the same time: i know my limits all too well. 421 more words

Blue Jeans