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Amidst the Cloud

This is probably one of the most taken photographs on the planet. Pretty much everyone who has ever traveled on a plane has taken this mandatory out-of-the-airplane-window photo that shows the wing of the airplane cutting through the river of cloud. 62 more words


Expensive Watermelon

It was funny to me to see these four slices of watermelon costing $2.99 because, literally at that price, you can buy a couple of full sized watermelons in Bangladesh. 49 more words


Worth a Word Wednesday: Seas the Day

 Wordless Wednesday – has been renamed ‘Worth a Word’ Wednesday simply because I couldn’t stick to the rules of NO WORDS :)

This one doesn’t need too many words! 73 more words


Dream Chasing on the Honky Tonk Highway

River towns are full of dreams because they are always changing. Sitting at the end of Broadway where it meets 1st Avenue is a log stockade.  838 more words


Some Doors

I’m very active on Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes I think the brevity of these systems makes it pointless to spend time crafting something longer. After all, we live in thoughts and bursts and why would we want to collect things. 323 more words


Cloudy Whistler

To other people, sunny days are considered beautiful days. To us, people born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the cloudy days are considered beautiful days. Because the humidity and heat in Dhaka is so high that we practically fear the appearance of sun. 15 more words


The Place Where They Cried

These days the headlines are filled with images of protestors filling city streets over perceived offenses.  The mass media provides the stage and they provide the drama. 586 more words