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Finding Confidence with Me Ra Koh

Everyone has a story I’ve learned. Some people are comfortable sharing their story with others, as if they were reading it from the pages of a book. 1,751 more words


Photos Described as Haunting are Never Haunting

“Photos are a vision of the past. So, among the many things they are, they are ghosts. However, due to the lazy overuse of the word, ‘Haunting’ doesn’t apply anymore. 122 more words

Photography: Non-Prison

Undecided Escape

Trees, trees, trees
Branches, sticks, leaves
Whipping, gashing, slashing at my arms
I can’t get away no matter how fast I run

Tripping, falling, crawling on the floor… 246 more words


Once Upon A Love: First Love

What we have is something new,
Our love for each other has always been true.
We met in a very uncertain way,
but if it wasn’t for that, 92 more words


A Dream called "NIGHTMARE"

Broken window shows each dream
Shattered lie you can’t redeem
A wish upon a twisted heart
Diamond lie that ripped apart
Shards of truth a pane of glass… 271 more words