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4 Line Stories: Photobomb 

While taking a selfie for his girlfriend

Thomas didn’t notice the humans behind him

“They are always popping up out of nowhere” he muttered

Another shot ruined…darn humans! 9 more words


The UNC baseball team is taking videobombing to soaring new heights

First pointed out by Twitter user @KasonKavis19, this videobomb that the UNC baseball team pulled off behind teammate Zac Gallen as he tried to give an interview is absolute genius. 131 more words


A Windsor photographer was shooting a romantic couple when three Medieval warriors photobombed the set — National Post - Top Stories

ALEXANDRIA STEVENSON / http://WWW.ALEXANDRIASTUDIO.CAAlexandria Stevenson’s viral pic of an engaged couple at Malden Park in Windsor, unexpectedly “photobombed” by medieval re-enactors. Windsor photographer Alexandria Stevenson swears she didn’t ask medieval warriors to “photobomb” her pic of a romantic couple.

38 more words

The Art of Photobombing

Let’s play a game, shall we? Let’s play a game of spot-the-toddler-trying-to-photobomb-Mommy’s-perfect-shot…


Alien Photo-Bomb

A man has claimed that an alien photo-bombed him. 79 more words


Street Portrait

Job and myself were walking down a street in Nicaragua, with the beach as our destination.

“Can you take a photo of us?” The kids asked shyly (in Spanish). 43 more words