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The 8 Faces of Carver Street

Sheffield at night is great, and Carver Street is the pinnacle of that greatness. As times have gone on one of the highlights of the street has stemmed not from drinking, dancing or pulling, but from club photographs, and the hilarity they bring the day after. 536 more words


Weekly photobomb

So much coming up this month! It’s about to get cuh-razy up in here.

A Bronx cheer from my two favorite boys. We were texting with Grammy, who is flying in for Calebs 2nd birthday. 414 more words

The Profile Picture

Our social network profiles are the true representation of the person we want to be. The perception that we want for ourselves is best observed on the Facebook, Instagram and similar profiles, where we are free to create a picture of ourselves for the world to see, without any limitations. 259 more words


Smartphone Is Our Window To The World

The technology available in today’s smartphone devices is so amazing, that it would probably look as something out of a science fiction movie to someone from the 90s. 276 more words


The Mobile Phone Equipment On Amazon

The Amazon is the world’s biggest online market place, with hundreds of third party sellers offering their products on one of the most visited pages on the entire internet. 271 more words