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That Dharma Thing

I firmly believe we all have those things that we shine at. Things that we must do, that bring us joy, that make our soul sing because we know that we are doing what it is that we were put here to do. 593 more words

Actor Retires Popular 'Benedict Cumberbatch' Character

Barry Higgins, better known as his popular character Benedict Cumberbatch, has officially announced that he is retiring the character due to the intense demands of the role. 447 more words


VIDEO: Magicians Photobomb Newscast... With A Cool Magic Trick (Obviously)

How will future photobombs even compete with this?

While most photobombs appear to be simple crimes of oppurtunity — a random drunk guy running up behind a newscaster, a celeb making a funny face behind a another celeb — the magicians in this photobomb appear to have had to have done some planning. 72 more words



Everyone loves a good photobomb, especially in front of a sunset. The view was so pretty, but it was taking a while for everyone to get their photos, so naturally I decided to prolong their wait by continually photobombing. 22 more words

Web Catch: TV reporter gets last laugh after magicians photobomb 'live' shot

You may have seen the video: two¬†magicians make a scene behind a seemingly clueless journalist during a “live” news report in Westminster, London.¬†The elaborate photobomb is a far cry from scene-stealers who opt to stick out their tongues or moon the camera. 105 more words