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Bread street-seller accidentally photobombs a pop star, ends up signing a modelling contract

Bread street-seller accidentally photobombs pop star Tinie Tempah in Nigeria
Olajumoke Orisaganu, who was at the time carrying a bag of bread on top of her head, was photographed alongside Tempah… 18 more words

Jimmy Fallon and the characters from Sesame Street have perfected the photobomb

Jimmy Fallon took the ‘Celebrity Photobomb’ segment of his show to a new level on Thursday night — by enhancing children’s pictures with the surprise appearance of him and Sesame Street characters. 22 more words


What's Going On In This Image Of A Woman Being Photobombed By An 'Alien'?

Hooooly moly. A Russian businesswoman took a selfie on an airplane, and now the photo is lighting up the internet. Ms. Olseya Podkorytov of Kurgan, Russia, happened to take a photo of herself upon deplaning, and the results are uncanny. 399 more words


Deer Photobombs Sleeping Baby, Rings in AWW-tumn

Who knew that deer loved to hog the spotlight in such a manner?!?
About a year after a herd of these animals stepped into the background of a memorable wedding photo, one gentle deer decided to check in on the status of a sleeping baby. 8 more words

45 Most Sexually Awkward Photobombs of All-Time

You’ve gotta believe that most photobombs are intentional, but that doesn’t make them funny. No, the best photobombs tend to be so utterly ridiculous or overt that you can’t help but laugh. 88 more words