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father's day photobooth

i miss my dad.

this isn’t him.

happy father’s day cap hill.

Celebrating Skank

end of photobooth tuesday, birth of polaroid thursday?

for far too long, we have used our investigative journalism skills to patrol your profiles, whether they’re flickr, myspace or facebook for embarrassing photobooth strips to be used for photobooth tuesday. 133 more words

Photo Skank

photobooth tuesday, jan. 26-style

there’s nothing like browsing the local scene for photobooth pictures and finding one of your boss at cha cha. awesome! skanks and jerks, behold:

cheers, sparktography.

Photobooth Skank

photobooth tuesday (1/19)

this photo booth picture was tagged “we are rad kids” on flickr and we totes agree:

stay cute! thanks kristopher!

Photobooth Skank

the first photobooth tuesday of 2010

these photobooth strips sure are becoming laborious. i hit an all time low, logged into our blog’s myspace and stalked your profiles until i find a recent photobooth pic worth redistributing: 37 more words

Photobooth Skank

tis a german boy photobooth tuesday (12/22)

dean martin music is less fantastic when the weather outside isn’t frightful, but i’ll get over it. instead, i shall find inspiration in this german boy’s faboolous winter hat: 67 more words

Photobooth Skank

photobooth tuesday (12/15), get your mugshot on

well what the fuck snow, you didn’t make an appearance so our friend, mr. raindrop continues to overstay his welcome. i’ll be on the hunt for some festive looking photobooth pics for next week. 57 more words

Photobooth Skank