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Knitting pins click metallic in an uneven rhythm, urging clenched hands to relax and shoulders to fall. In the moment of pull, loop, slide, pull, worries drift to the fringe to become the halo that circles the moon.


Photo Friday #20

Today’s photo features South Africa’s own version of the Arc De Triomphe in Paris. The arch is found on the road atop the dam wall in Hartbeespoort, and its story goes all the way back to the early 1900s when construction began on the landmark structure. 139 more words

Photo Friday #19

The persistent rains have let up, the Christmas period is in full swing, and light displays are popping up all over the place. This is by far the most elaborate in our local vicinity and it has noble origins. 96 more words

Growth #PhotoFriday

I’m trying not to rush Spring… #PhotoFriday

Photo Friday #18

Today’s Photo Friday returns to a motor racing theme. When I was invited to watch radio controlled boat racing, I was only too happy to come along. 80 more words

Photo Friday #17

Today’s shot used to contain a purple rose. Beautiful as it was in it’s original colour, I thought the black and white version was much more mesmerizing. 20 more words