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Connected #PhotoFriday

Whiskers forward, impeccable engineering with symmetry in stripes.

Three slow blinks and a steady gaze through striking eyes,

then, we become–


Photo Friday #15

The African continent has no shortage of amazing birds with beautiful plumage to please the eye and songs to please the ear. But when you live on a continent with dry inhospitable environments, there are bound to be some weird looking characters with quirky personalities as well. 190 more words

The Warren- Photo Friday

A thing can be true and still be desperate folly, Hazel.”

-Richard Adams, Watership Down

Photo Friday #14

Hi Everyone!

Before anything else, I am pleased to say I have reached 50 followers. A massive thank you goes out to all of you who read my posts, like and comment. 111 more words

Photo Friday #13

Today’s image depicts one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s many antelope, the Waterbuck. While most can be found in groups as small as 6 or as large as 30, this male was roaming around on his own.  94 more words

Photo Friday- Autumn

I’m adding #PhotoFriday to my post rotation.  Each week I plan to post my favorite iPhone photo from the previous week.

Perhaps you can think of each one as a visual prompt for two-line poetry?