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Not Your Typical Selfie

Taking pictures of yourself is not okay anymore. Maybe for Snapchat, but for Instagram and Facebook, your selfies need to be more artsy, more stylistic. Creating the perfect picture doesn’t mean wearing the right clothes, having the best look or even the best angle. 501 more words

My Cat is More Photogenic Than Me

Like any good cat lover, I take about a zillion pictures of my kitty each month. It always shocks me how photogenic she is when I have trouble remembering the simple notion of jutting out my chin to make my neck longer. 234 more words


Cute Dog ‘Q’ Sitting On Things

Tomas Werner photographed this cute little dog outdoors, using the incredibly photogenic Miami as a backdrop. The dog is willingly posing as a real model. Werner gathered his pictures in a book called “A Handbook Dog Walkers”. 6 more words


What to wear??

Five helpful tips to get you thinking about what to wear for your photoshoot.

You know the moment you start emptying the wardrobe onto the bedroom floor because you feel like you do not have anything that looks flattering on camera? 641 more words

Playing photographer with my model

Boy am I tired, I inadvertantly tapped the publish button instead of hitting the return, so I am writing this on an updated post of the original. 195 more words