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27th Feb 2017 – Ribbons in Red

Shot of the westerly side of the Petersen Automotive Museum after its recent renovation; the building is certainly unique, but this view demonstrates an even more memorable scene…

Mysidian Moments

Sharing this beautiful scenery.  

Took photos of this busy street near Manila Bay. I am astonished of what could the landscape deliver to our senses. The deep feeling of peace, saying, ‘Hey, today’s worries would be sufficient, leave the worries of tomorrow and live the rest of the day peaceful and contented… :)


Letter to the present

Dear Present

I have been thinking about you joyfully and cannot wait to see you again. You are so beautiful, and beauty means so much to me, and yours, especially. 151 more words


Rainy Monday

When I woke up, at 4:45 this morning it was not raining. And it was actually kind of warm out. so I started my day and now as I drive to work, it’s raining. 240 more words