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HIMALAYA NEPAL: Part 4. Making it and Homebound.

We have come to the final post of Nepal. Although it has been a year since we stepped foot in Nepal, we are still talking about how wonderful it was to experience the beautiful nature made by God. 445 more words


Update: Shoot with Shawn Nevill

Here is the first edited image from my shoot on the ranch with Shawn Nevill and Maddy Bou! More to come!


Awesome 12 Hour Shoot!

So, my day started at 6am this morning; mind you, I typically wake up between 9am and 11am. Oddly, I didn’t feel too tired because I was excited for my 12 hour shoot with such an awesome team. 157 more words


Mia Klitsas talks pads for pads

Mia Klitsas identifies with the dictionary definition for the name of the sanitary products she sells, Moxie; force of character, determination, or nerve.

After learning about girls in Uganda missing up to 20% of their school time due to unmanageable periods, Mia was determined to do something about it. 159 more words

Jennie Groom

You Might be a Photographer...

You Might be a Photographer…

…if you have no problem saying “I shoot people” when someone asks what you do…and you’ve heard the question “What do you really do? Like a Job?”


I'm still Alive

Although it’s been over a month since my last post i assure you i haven’t dropped off the face of the planet … yet ;) 190 more words