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Combo Apps/NEWS

So I’m sure you’re all wondering, why hasn’t Tina been posting anything lately ? Has Tina quit writing her blog ? No, I haven’t quit writing my blog. 471 more words


Combo Apps/HITCASE Shield

This is me unboxing my HITCASE Sheild for my iPhone 6 Plus. I also show how to put the case on your iPhone. It was pretty easy to put on and take off my iPhone. 339 more words

Tina Rice

Combo Apps/Bleach Bypass Update

Bleach Bypass is an oldie but goody apps that got a huge update. The app have been totally redesigned with a brand new user interface and supports the latest iOS devices. 142 more words


Combo Apps/DCkina Unboxing Video

Just a simple video of me unboxing products from DCkina. I’m trying something new because it seems people love to watch videos. I plan to do a details review with all of the products in the near future. 73 more words


Combo Apps/Guerrilla Filmmaker Update 2.0

Guerrilla Filmmaker is one of the best film/video apps that no one really knows about. The app has powerful film making tool with custom present manual controls to fit your inner film maker style. 237 more words


Combo Apps/ToonCamera 4.0 Update

ToonCamera has had a huge update from the ground up. It’s been redesigned and optimized to work with the latest iOS Device. You just watched a demo of ToonCamera 4.0 that I put together from video footage  from Broadway Bootcamp. 210 more words


Combo Apps/STINO: Nano Tech Mounting Solution for iPads

STINO is a reusable iPad mount that will stick to surfaces. It’s mobile, easy to use, reusable and washable. I know I have a few readers who like to do  lectures for workshops and other creative things with their iPad. 86 more words

Tina Rice