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FREE Opportunities To Get Featured On Our Website

Free promotion is always great right!? This is an official {UNOFFICIAL} announcement for new opportunities for exposure and visibility for artists, crafters, and bloggers to get some mention and promotion on our website for FREE. 491 more words


Famous Photographer Quote #0372

The great geniuses are those who have kept their childlike spirit and have added to it breadth of vision and experience.

Alfred Stieglitz



Following a Dream: Indian Photographer Akshay Kandi

As adults many of us, at least on occasion, put our passions and dreams on the back burner when it comes to pursuing our professional careers and opt for jobs that appear the most beneficial for our bank account. 1,061 more words

PPP1: Visiting Speaker - Ex-Students

In this blog we will be looking at two ex students that came to talk to us about life after the degree. I was looking forward to these talks because it is always interesting to see, how well students are doing after completing the course. 589 more words


Women Expo Joburg

Women Expo Joburg – Thru the Lens is a networking platform that showcases women in the film, television and photography industries. The event is for professional and well-experience, industry leaders who will share their wisdom with emerging and aspiring women who are still finding their feet in the industry. 301 more words