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Star Trails

My abstract digital art version of a star trail.

I used one of my traditional images to create my own spin on the photographic technique 25 more words


Chandelier by Ursula Abresch

Another in a series done in a photographic technique developed by Ursula Abresch

Art And Photos

Second Looks

In both photography in particular and life in general, it is tempting to become satisfied with a superficial understanding of a subject, issue, controversy or sight. 446 more words

Burgundy Flowers and the Strange Art of Digital Chiaroscuro

I don’t too often write about technique for the simple reason that as a self-taught photographer, most of what I know about how to use a camera or edit photographs has been learnt from others online who can have already explained things pretty well themselves. 332 more words

Waking up again in Dunorlan

Each summer, as I return back to Tunbridge Wells after a visit to some amazing place, I have to re-start my photography a bit. Often this starts in that most familiar of places-Dunorlan Park. 275 more words

Travel Photography in Bad Light

Most of us have been there, that wonderful travel destination and the light is bad. All those pre-visulations of wonderful photos you planned to capture go right out the door. 733 more words


Cowboy Studio Shoulder Brace

When out shooting wildlife my best lens is a Nikon AF-S FX Nikkor 200-400 f/4G ED VRII zoom lens. Since I use a Nikon D5100 camera that has an APS-C sensor, due to the 1.6 crop factor the 35mm equivalent would be 320-640mm. 778 more words