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Impressionist Photography - shooting through coloured glass

I’m always trying to think of new ways to make images, to keep inspired and experiment. It doesn’t matter if things turn out well or not, the main thing is to do something new and to keep learning as I go. 183 more words


Dunorlan Trees

Every week, my wife and son go for a run which I avoid for reasons of inertia which I pass off Basil Fawlty-style as a dodgy knee- I photograph instead. 192 more words

Creating a Tilt-shift Look

My intention this morning was to get a lot of work done. Instead, I sat down at the computer and played with Photoshop. I long have wanted to learn how to create the tilt-shift look in Photoshop. 341 more words


Texturing the Tiles

I’ve been wanting to do a post about the Pantiles since I started doing this blog, but until recently I could never get my pictures of the place right. 150 more words

Entering the Dark Side

Next in the Table-top course, working with darkfield lighting. Not just a black background, this technique is also favored by microscopists to reveal detail in translucent subjects. 8 more words


"You must have a really good camera!"

Every now and then, when someone has been nice about one of my pictures, they follow straight on with the phrase at the top. I don’t get too irritated by this, but I do occasionally remember the comment I saw from another photographer that this was a bit like following a really delicious meal at a dinner party by saying “You must have a really nice oven.” 427 more words