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Photoshop: Improving Colour part 1

Now we have the basics of photography under our belt I’m going to turn my attention to slightly more complex techniques.   I know, it’s exciting if a little scary ;-)  Let’s start with colour. 395 more words

Amateur Photography Tips


To view more of my photography please click on www.rakmilphotography.com

I have a selection of photos of birds and insects that I am having trouble identifying. 163 more words


New work: "Out of the blue"

Something a bit different to rest my tired brain. I find selective colour work quite therapeutic.


the alphabet photography project: b is for brothers

With a 12 week old, my initial thought for B was Baby, but some of my favourite photos of Jake are when he is with his big brother. 31 more words


My Street Japan: Day 19 {Photography project}

Sunny day = laundry day!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Japan has a national obsession with laundry, but I wouldn’t go so far in the opposite direction, either. 167 more words


Daisy Shield (09 Oct 15 Mandala)

What safety a daisy
Can provide
For a day
Simple duplicates
Surrounding themselves
With burnished edge
An easy shield
Complex simplicity
Keeps eyes away from me
Safe again
From judging eyes


Connections: October 9

In the air

ragweed snuff,

on the ground

October fluff.