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Combatting sexism in the photo industry

Getty Images photographer Andrea Bruce says, “The impression is, if you start to complain, it just ruins your career.”

Combatting sexism in the photo industry… 8 more words
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A Bloody War Rite in Tranquil Bali

Photographer Putu Sayoga captures a combat ritual, where men attack one another using thorny pandan leaves as weapons and woven rattan as shields.

A Bloody War Rite in Tranquil Bali… 8 more words

August 19th, special day...

Hello friends.. hope you all are good. Whenever I remember the day of August 19th, I just go back to past and recollect those moments which pushed me get interest on Photography, yeah today(August 19th) is the world photography day, on this day whole world celebrate as photography day, they conduct photography exhibition, some others conduct photography workshop and so others do different to celebrate photography day. 721 more words

Photography 101: Creative Photography Which Lens to Use

Published by: Creative Photography Courses on Dec 11, 2014

In this photography tutorial we join the staff of Creative Photography in selecting the correct lens for your photo shoots for the different genres of photography.

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What will be presented in ~Chaotic Harmony~ exhibition?

Hi everyone,

First off I would like to thank you all who accepted our invitation to attend my first photography exhibition in "Beautislava" with my friend, the astonishing digital artist Maria Mazuch. 228 more words


Everyone's a Photographer These Days...

Well at least it seems like it. I don’t know how many “photographers” there are in my surrounding area.


When I put the word photographer in quotes I’m including the fauxtographer’s. 1,113 more words