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Photographer Insight(Up Close With James Izidor)

Outfitx has been off for some days, but we back with more interesting stuff and facts that ya’ll we would love. Recently with visited the Rivers State University Of Science And Technology. 194 more words

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Pinhole Photography Day

EN/  Have you heard of Pinhole Cameras, also known as shoe box cameras?
Here I will briefly explain what they are and show some of my Pinhole Photographs for the Pinhole Photography Day. 610 more words


Joiners By Me/ Joiners Por Mim

EN/   Joiners

Joiners are made of  a group of photographs that overlap on each other or put in a grid format in order to recreate the original image. 416 more words


Athens/Atenas 2015

EN/   Athens, March 2015

PT/  Atenas, Março de 2015

One of my biggest childhood dreams was to visit Athens. I’ve always loved studying about ancient Greece in school and fascinated me to imagine one day to be there and see Temple of Olympian Zeus. 487 more words