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My Ham, Egg, and Cheese is NOT Better Than Yours! [Photography Business Marketing]

Understanding Consumer Behavior and How To Be Better Than Your Competition!

You ever buy something from somewhere all the time even though you know it’s not the best place you can get it from? 858 more words


Working with Photography {3} - 8 Ways to Earn Money with Digital Photography

 Hello everybody!


Hello photography lovers!

Today is time for a new post from my Blog Series Working with Photography and I am happy to present you… 606 more words


Working with Photography {2} - Stock Photo Sites That Pay For Your Photos

Hello everybody!

Two days ago I wrote an article about selling digital photography on Stock Sites. When I was serching Information about other photography article I found lots of great ideas in this topic and I decided to make a Blog Series named… 414 more words


Working with Photography {1} - How to Sell your Digital Photography at Stock Photo Sites

Hello my friends and have a great week!

As I told you before I have two hobbies that I enjoy very very much: cooking/baking and photography. 570 more words


Personal work

Everyone goes on talking about personal work, whenever you look up videos, and tutorials, and stuff about the business side of photography, everyone seems to make a huge point to say how important personal work is. 398 more words


I Sold My Second Photograph

Not very long after completing the sale of my first photograph, i was contacted by someone else who wanted to purchase one of my photos. 145 more words