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7 Clever Ways to Discover Opportunities

Photo Credit: Eli DeFaria on Unsplash
Article by: Jon Erives at Grand Archive Photography

A hot pursuit of our personal ambitions is essential for success, but I’m going to suggest plugging in one more element. 787 more words

Photography Business

10 Reasons to Rethink Post-Processing

Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash
Article: by Jon Erives at Grand Archive Photography

I love post-processing/photo editing!

I’ve heard terms like tedious and boring… 835 more words

Photography Business

Take your camera everywhere with you!

Despite my Nikon being quite bulky, I always try to take my camera with me as I never know when I’m going to catch an interesting moment. 155 more words


Portrait Photography with “Max of Arabia”

One of the main objectives of portrait photography is to portray a person’s essence. It could be in the way they smile or the way their eyes shy away from the camera’s lens. 336 more words


A Photographer's Value

Being a photographer during this day and age has become quite the struggle. We currently live in a time where we are overwhelmed with pictures and have the constant need to share our lives with everyone around us. 1,931 more words


Singapore Interior Photographer Service

This is a self-promotional professional photography for interior photography service.

A very quick blog.

I started serious interior photography many years ago when i was tasked to shoot a series of pictures for a start-up company based in Germany. 409 more words