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Creative Compass: The Importance Of A Photography Brief

Reading through a client brief for one of my current projects inspired me to write this article. In the world of photography in this region, the power of one key element is often underestimated: … 581 more words


Marketing Workshop-April 30th 2017


How to grow and make money with your Business

Marketing workshop

April 30th 2017


I think one of the things I hate most is seeing others fail when I know all they need is a little more information and to do a few things. 910 more words

Week 49 & 50: Taking Care of Business

Again, this is a two-weeker update.

One thing that always irks me is that it is so hard to keep to a grocery budget. My ideal is to spend no more than $150 a week, but inevitably, even if one week I miraculously scrape by on something like…$140, the next week it’s more like $175 or $200. 1,177 more words

Case study for work problem and solution #1

Sharing my work experience regarding arising problem on set and creating solution. Photography is not just simply taking a camera and click a picture for the professional. 165 more words


Narrowing Your Photography Focus

Shoot Review 6 is all about how to narrow and focus so your photography business starts to flourish.  Having an understanding of what you are hunting always always helps gets better results. 6 more words

Tips And Tricks

Why I suck at blogging.

the importance of blogging, but I still hate it anyway.

I. hate. it.

Not to be too negative –

here’s an image of something I love… 258 more words

Tall Buildings in Singapore

Recently on my Instagram, i’ve posted a series of high buildings in Singapore with over 200m tall. Capture these using a Canon camera, 17mm TS and a 70-200mm f4 lens. 514 more words