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Isn't She Lovely?

I took my eldest daughter out to scout for locations yesterday and get some practise in. It was cold & windy but she braved the conditions without complaining too much. 84 more words


Seeing Through a Lens

Photography gives you the opportunity to see everything in a new way. Every place I walk and every person I pass look to be full of potentially compelling stories I… 110 more words


Faces of New Brighton

Saturday morning markets in New Brighton, Christchurch.

It is a pretty great way to spend your Saturday morning. There is so much going on for your senses to take in… The canorous sounds of the buskers, the crowds of people bustling around the stalls, the smell of amazing ethnic food. 117 more words


Our Enchanted Forest

A walk through our enchanted forest. Well, maybe not an actual forest, it’s more like a grouping of trees, and it’s not actually ‘ours’… it’s not even enchanted BUT when you are walking though the giant trees, with the atmospheric birdsong as your soundtrack and the muted sunlight perfectly lighting the pathways, you can’t help but feel as though you have stumbled right into a magical fairytale setting. 95 more words


Moody Monday Morning

Ah, school holidays. A break from the busy routine in our house.

So, goodbye to the battle to get 5 sleep-loving kids out of bed, the hustle to get the lunches done, the game of find-the-full-uniform, and the follow-up on unfinished homework… and hello to long sleep-ins, leisurely breakfasts, lounging in pyjamas all day, fun days at the park. 157 more words


Cold Day Carnival

It was a cold, overcast morning. I knew that the Carnival were setting up at the beach so I lugged my eldest daughter out of bed (super early – she was half asleep so didn’t even protest) and we headed out to get some early morning shots.   100 more words


Cousins - Ready Made Best Friends!

Cousins. I have so many memories of the fun that my cousins & I had growing up. Back then we never had technology to frivol away our time, WE had the great outdoors and a wild imagination.   151 more words