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Love and enjoy learning each and every day. From reading fiction books and non fiction, there is a story unfolding daily in our own lives. Last Friday my sister and I enrolled in a photography class. 384 more words

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Photography Class week 3 (macro mode)

You know when you get one of those q-tips that looks like it’s already been pulled apart, that was my inspiration for macro. I wanted to see if I could capture the fluffiness of a q-tip. 20 more words

Photography Class

Photography Assignments

For next Friday please have your propaganda pictures done and your clich├ęs ready.

Photography Class

Photography Class - week 2 (landscape mode)

assignment – use landscape mode

Koreshan State Park was a great place to practice landscape mode. It has plenty of old buildings full of character to practice on. 24 more words

Koreshan State Park

Photography Class - week 1 (portrait mode)

Assignment – use portrait mode

I found a great looking wall and just happened to be on a photo hike with my daughter when the opportunity for practice arose. 61 more words

Photography Class

Photography Challenge


Swimming in Water

Bold Colors

Faceless Portrait

Something Filthy

Memory: This cowboy boot reminds me of when I used to take horse riding lessons. 31 more words


Bully - photography missions

In Bully, a game released in 2006 for Playstation 2, the player has to complete missions which require to take photographs.

The goal of each class is to take photographs of the subjects assigned by Ms Philips; these vary from objects around the school to people in the surrounding town.

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