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In Case You Need the Scavenger List.

Here is the Scavenger Hunt list in case you still haven’t completed the assignment.

Scavenger Hunt #1

Photography Class

Photography Assignment List

1-20 objects (20 photographs of objects in increasing number.)

5 angles ( an object photographed from different angles.)

Advertising ( Do an ad for an object.) 101 more words

Photography Class

Photography Blocks C and D

Reminder that the vegetable/fruit assignment is due Wednesday, Feb 25th. Please have your project in a PowerPoint file and ready for viewing at the beginning of class.

Due Date

Kelas Memotret Kota #1 | 10, 12 & 26 Maret 2015

air foto network

Membuka pendaftaran program fotografi yang bertajuk

Kelas Memotret Kota #1

Tentang Program
Kelas Memotret Kota adalah sebuah kegiatan belajar mengajar dengan tujuan untuk menggali & mengekspresikan kebebasan melihat perihal segala apa yang terjadi di sebuah kota. 380 more words

Air Foto Network

Goings on with spiva

I think one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do in my career, is partner with Joplin’s local art gallery (Spiva Center for the Arts… 740 more words