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Photography Bonus Assignment

If you have finished ALL of your other photography assignments and would like to complete a final assignment for bonus marks, create a photographic representation of yourself. 15 more words

Photography Class

Photography Final Portfolio

The photography portfolio is due June 5th, no extensions!

The criteria are:

10 portraits

10 action shots

10 landscapes

10 animal shots

10 “creative” shots… 14 more words

Photography Class

Final Photography Project.

Choose a model and create either an advertising or political campaign around them. Using photoshop and any other tools you choose, design a 15-20 image campaign. 17 more words

Photography Class

Photography Assignment April 27

Research an interesting technique and then use it in your shots.

Photography Class


I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented Amanda Könn for our first night of shooting off camera flash for the photography class I am taking. 27 more words