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Photography Competition

This semester has been a fun time of learning and training my “photographer eye”. I decided to submit my favorite photos to the Sony World Photography Competition. 59 more words

Banack Ghost Town Photo Excursion

This past week I took a trip to old town Banack, Montana! I went with my college photography class. It was an amazing experience with a lot of learning and merging of the skills I’ve been practicing. 124 more words

Photography Bonus Assignment

If you have finished ALL of your other photography assignments and would like to complete a final assignment for bonus marks, create a photographic representation of yourself. 15 more words

Photography Class

Photography Final Portfolio

The photography portfolio is due June 5th, no extensions!

The criteria are:

10 portraits

10 action shots

10 landscapes

10 animal shots

10 “creative” shots… 14 more words

Photography Class

Final Photography Project.

Choose a model and create either an advertising or political campaign around them. Using photoshop and any other tools you choose, design a 15-20 image campaign. 17 more words

Photography Class