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Photography Composition Fishing

A technique I’ve been using more and more recently is popularly known as fishing. Fishing involves locating and prioritising your composition first, and then relying on a degree of luck for the right character or “finishing touch” to enter the scene. 335 more words

Simon King

Visual Narrative Architecture: Figure-to-Ground

Figure to ground is an art theory which many artists and visual designers interpret to mean “high contrast” between the subject (figure) and the background or context (ground). 636 more words

Simon King

Teaching Myself to See...

This week was really useful in seeing different ways to take photographs and following different guidelines. This really made me want to get my Nikon out and take some photos. 730 more words


Back to Basics: Photo Composition




placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art, as distinct from the subject.

Basic composition in photography is a guide that will help you improve your skill and will help develop a better eye when shooting an image. 805 more words


Photography NCFE Level 1 Class 4 - Composition & ISO

Photography Class 4 – Composition & ISO

In this class we re-capped on:

Depth of Field

Depth of Field depends on:

  • Aperture
  • Focal length
  • Distance from the camera subject…
  • 818 more words

The Digital Age: Looking back through history at vintage cameras

In an era of incredible DSLR camera technology with all the different modes to shoot in.  All the bells and whistles of  editing and image enhancing camera settings. 817 more words