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Using Photography to Create a Composition

Composition is the way in which something is put together or arranged.  Using different rules of composition in photography we can create an image through framing.  674 more words


a photo study: rule of thirds

Photography is an art form and as such need not rely on rules.  Yet, it is important for the photographer to keep in mind that the composition rules help create balanced, dynamic, and interesting images that invite a viewer to stay and visit in comfort. 304 more words


a photo study: negative space

Photography, in a nut shell, is lines, shapes, colors, and feelings

In photography negative space is perhaps the most important element as it embraces the subject within your image — the element of interest — helping it stand out and inviting the viewer’s attention.   600 more words


the eyes have it

The question, “Is the centered eye more likely to follow the viewer?” drew me to the above piece of art while walking across the Colorado State University campus.


a photo study: tempo

Tempo as a composition element within photography is an extension of Ted Forbes’ discussion of rhythm…the beat…the pulse within images. He notes that tempo is the means by which we display speed, movement, as well as the passing of time all within a frozen moment. 137 more words


Analyzed Photographic Compositions

In this post I intent to demonstrate some of the guidelines photography composition follows in order to be balanced, compelling and pleasing to the eye. This photographs were taking by professionals to demonstrate the rule of thirds, depth, and leading lines guidelines to the viewers. 602 more words


a photo study: shape

This week my topic of study was shape.  Shape, the basic two-dimensional element within composition, is defined by line, space, color, and contrast of differing light areas. 413 more words