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I’m currently working on a new photographic series …
more pictures will follow soon.


The Dainty Family

I’m trying to get a wrap on my senior project for this semester and this was the last set of photos I ┬áneeded for the magazine! 70 more words

Photography & Design

Spring is finally here!

I know this because on Sunday there was the most obnoxious bird cawing outside my window for about 2 hours. Anyways I put on my new shirt from forever 21 and one of my favorite lipsticks right now (Primrose by Smashbox) and since I was skipping class (don’t tell) I went out to take some photos instead. 99 more words

Photography & Design

Web Design - Mockups

I’ve posted a bit of my web design class here and there but wasn’t particularly happy with the way the design was coming together. I’m glad that we had to redo our mockups and our teacher gave us good advice on how we can take someone’s design and put it into photoshop and put our aspects over the top. 236 more words

Photography & Design

Semester Update - Halfway There!

I’m unsure of when I’m going to post this so what I’m typing may be in past or present tense depending on what else I add and when I publish this post. 474 more words

Photography & Design

Emily - Senior 2015

I made a live post about this a few weeks ago when we went to take some photos in the snow, but we are officially finished with Emily’s Senior Photos! 60 more words

Photography & Design

Snow Day! (Live Post)

I may start posting more often if I feel like I’ve accomplished enough during the day that warrants a post and if I have actual images or work to share. 434 more words

Photography & Design