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Getting to Know: EVERYTHING (Final weeks)

What’s up! So, I was on hiatus for a little while as I was visiting some friends in Florida for a short vacation. You can check out my life update for more info on that, but I also missed a few classes while I was gone, mainly photography. 812 more words

Photography & Design

Getting to Know: Pixel Sticks & High Key

This week and a bit of last week we pulled out the Pixel Stick for our class assignment. I’d heard about them before but had never seen a ton of pictures taken with one or had used one in any way so I was really excited to see what we were going to create. 383 more words

Photography & Design

[San Juan, Puerto Rico] La Fortaleza

Just a simple #tbt to one of my favorite places, El Viejo San Juan. This time, close to sunset, with the colors taking a whole different beautiful light. 7 more words


Getting to Know: Flash

This past week in photography we have been focusing on on camera and off camera flashes, generally something I absolutely hate but came to find quite useful in certain situations such as outdoors. 172 more words

Photography & Design

Portrait Photography: (Canon Visit)

This week was so much fun! We had a Canon representative visiting campus on Tuesday and for our class period we were able to take any of the lenses (probably 25) to try out. 302 more words

Photography & Design

[Strasbourg, France] Forever nostalgic

I will forever be nostalgic of the few months I lived in Strasbourg, France. I really don’t think that feeling will ever go away and I am ok with it, … 249 more words


[Boston] You look good in the summer

Last time I was in Boston, I barely made it out due to the ridiculous amount of snow. I twitch just thinking about it. This time (and by this time I mean almost a month ago, woops), Boston redeemed itself for my return, ha. 56 more words