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What’s in the bag

Sadly underwater photography is somewhat tiresome when it comes to the amount of gear one needs to lug around.  At least if you move beyond the compact camera and polycarbonate housing options (which there is most certainly nothing wrong with!). 495 more words


Traveling with Gear!

This week I thought I would share with you how I tend to travel with all of my gear. I have written a blog all about the wonderful equipment that I use, so head on over to that… 168 more words


#UOAP Photography Adventure

I guess that you could say that I have been putting my Universal Orlando Annual Pass to good use!

With both my Canon 70D and trusty 10-18MM lens in hand, I was able to capture peculiar areas of the park. 171 more words

*Monthly Nauti Straps Donation Program - April 2017 - White Helmets

I cannot think of a situation more dire than that which is taking place in Syria and affecting Syrian people right now.  I’d imagine we’ve all read about, and seen the horrific footage of the most recent spate of chemical attacks and while extremely hard to watch, if you haven’t, I think it important to do so to understand just what the evil in this world is capable of.   268 more words


Photography vs Consumerism

I was going to title this, ”photography and consumerism” but I think ”versus” is far more apt. This is a touchy subject for me. It honestly makes my blood boil a bit but I will try to remain calm as I write this… You might learn a little bit about cameras in the process. 2,120 more words


DIY Adjustable Buoyancy Devices for Underwater Camera Strobe arms

A little story about how I came to make my own adjustable floats for my underwater camera rig, along with some instructions of how to make them yourself :) You’re welcome. 1,163 more words


ManFrotto Action Tripod - Photography Gear

​If you were in the market for a more sturdy and traditional tripod then the ManFrotto Action Tripod is perfect. I personally use this tripod and have travelled with it multiple times with no issues at all. 68 more words

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