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Photography vs Consumerism

I was going to title this, ”photography and consumerism” but I think ”versus” is far more apt. This is a touchy subject for me. It honestly makes my blood boil a bit but I will try to remain calm as I write this… You might learn a little bit about cameras in the process. 2,093 more words


DIY Adjustable Buoyancy Devices for Underwater Camera Strobe arms

A little story about how I came to make my own adjustable floats for my underwater camera rig, along with some instructions of how to make them yourself :) You’re welcome. 1,163 more words


ManFrotto Action Tripod - Photography Gear

‚ÄčIf you were in the market for a more sturdy and traditional tripod then the ManFrotto Action Tripod is perfect. I personally use this tripod and have travelled with it multiple times with no issues at all. 68 more words

Camera Gear

Walnut shell

The Fujica Auto-5 I bought the other day was suffering from moldy, peeling skin. Luckily I have some sheets of walnut veneer left over from a project, so I thought I would have a bash at reskinning the camera. 57 more words



When I first started photography, I used digital cameras. I grew accustomed to the automatic settings and digital zoom… but I knew that I wanted to take my photography to the next level. 346 more words

Top Camera Bags

Photographers must take proper measures when it comes to storing their photography equipment. Tossing the electronic into your backpack isn’t really going to protect the device from scratches and cracks. 343 more words

Fujica Auto-5

I have pretty much stuck to my new year’s resolution of not buying cameras in 2017. However I occasionally come across cameras in charity shops that I would like to try. 148 more words