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What makes a professional headshot session?

Patchwork Owl Productions prides itself on it’s professional, affordable headshots. But what makes a good headshot session? What makes those headshots stand out? How can a camera make your CV stand out and attract those casting directors and agencies? 1,444 more words


A Few Pictures from Beautiful Seattle

There is a reason why Seattle is usually prefaced with “beautiful”. I can say without hyperbole that Seattle and that corner of the Pacific Northwest is a landscape and cityscape photographer’s dream and often feels like walking into a painting.   835 more words

World's Easiest Guide to Understand Exposure Triangle

In this Guide You will learn about

Exposure Triangle,

which means the relationship among Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

Let us get started and understand Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO and their Inter relationship. 2,568 more words


North Olympic Wilderness Coast - a Guide (Part 1)

As I mentioned a recent post, last month I went backpacking in Olympic National Park along the coast with my brother Rob and his grandson, Izzy. 2,397 more words


Tutorial: Understanding Depth of Field

What is “Depth of field”?

Simply put, Depth of Field refers to the area in front of your camera that is in focus.

If your camera is set to focus one metre from the lens, Depth of Field refers to the area in front of, and behind one metre from the camera where subjects are still sharp enough to be considered in focus. 675 more words