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World's Easiest Guide to Understand Exposure Triangle

In this Guide You will learn about

Exposure Triangle,

which means the relationship among Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

Let us get started and understand Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO and their Inter relationship. 2,568 more words


North Olympic Wilderness Coast - a Guide (Part 1)

As I mentioned a recent post, last month I went backpacking in Olympic National Park along the coast with my brother Rob and his grandson, Izzy. 2,397 more words


Tutorial: Understanding Depth of Field

What is “Depth of field”?

Simply put, Depth of Field refers to the area in front of your camera that is in focus.

If your camera is set to focus one metre from the lens, Depth of Field refers to the area in front of, and behind one metre from the camera where subjects are still sharp enough to be considered in focus. 675 more words


Know the Best Professional Photography Techniques

For those photography enthusiasts who are looking for freelance photography careers, it is always a must for them to learn certain professional photography techniques so they can actually use these as they begin to take photographs. 353 more words


Palouse Falls - a Photo Guide

The Palouse region of Washington State is famous for its verdant spring hills and red barns. Steptoe Butte is a must-visit destination for many travel and nature photographers. 1,147 more words


Some wonderful tips for new photgraphers that can help them a lot

Are you unfamiliar photography? Would like some beginner-friendly photo tips facilitate you rise and running along with your camera? We will help.

Digital photography is discouraging once you’re a beginner. 645 more words

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