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My Instagram Favorites: Blizzard of 2016 Jonas

While snowbound this weekend, I enjoyed looking at all the coverage of the blizzard on Instagram.  Images are still being posted and I could spend way too much time reviewing them all.   55 more words

Creating a Zine 8.1.16 - Pioneers of the 20th Century

The final zine above.

My design on Pearsall above.

Creating a zine from my essay on Phyllis Pearsall mapmaker in the 1930’s.  I collaborated by ideas with two other students designers.   200 more words


Promotional Campaign for Children 8.1.16

To celebrate the uniqueness and rarity of soon to be forgotten words, which are erased from the Children’s Oxford Dictionary, I created a promotion campaign for children called Necrosis – Little House of Horrors, with 8 Characters displayed below. 1,126 more words


Inspiration from Journey to Bath 1.12.15

Following my trip to Bath in October 2015, I created buildings drawn with fine liners on my collage. The idea was taken from a tea towel I saw in the shop in Bath Abbey.   94 more words


Self Portrait - Colour on Grid 16.10.15

I created this self portrait using a grid layout using coloured images from recent art and design guides.  I decided I would use solid colours on the background so the self portrait outline would pop out with the coloured images.   64 more words


Self Awareness - Elasticity of Life 7.1.16

Following on from lectures on self awareness and human behaviour.  I replayed Lift by Mark Issac and Possessed by Martin Hampton, it was interesting to see human behaviour in some short films.   285 more words