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Monday's Inspiration - Alexey Titarenko

Alexey Titarenko is a Russian photographer and artist who has devoted his life’s work to depicting the atmosphere and inhabitants of his city.

He draws his inspiration from the music and literature he loved since childhood and his long walks through the city. 83 more words


Monday's Inspiraion - Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer is a German photographer known for her large scale colour images of interiors.

Born in Eberswald, Germany in 1944, this photographer likes semi-public spaces such as institutional architecture, in the absence of people as evidenced by he Räume series she started in 1980. 87 more words

Black And White Photography

Photographers who inspire

They say everyone has an inspiration in what they do and i believe that it is true. Whether that means walking down the street and seeing some graffiti and being inspired to draw or whether it is inspiration for a change on a classic recipe. 381 more words


"CIP—visual research for street photography"

When I received the “Shadows” brief, I was already working on the final brief for the Local Universe studio, and so I already had a couple of books borrowed from the library: 133 more words


Road Trip: Cape Cod

Now that the weather is warming up in New England it’s always fun to take road trips to favorite destinations like Cape Cod.  The weather is always a mix of fog, bright sun, rain and windy beach breezes, so it’s important to pack warm and cool weather clothes.   81 more words

Monday's Inspiration - Alvin Langdon Coburn

An accomplished photographer by the age of eight, Alvin Langdon Coburn was an American photographer that invented a kaleidoscopic mirror to take ‘vortographs’.

He took up photography at the age of eight after being given a 4 x 5 Kodak camera. 506 more words

Black And White Photography

Hoarding and Collections - Music Collection 3.5.16

The Brief

Things that stand out for me personally, look for patterns, interrelationships, gaps, oddities in your hoard.  Create order out of the collections using your own method and categorisation. 503 more words