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On The Lake Summer Part 2

Transition to retirement has allowed me to spend summer as I did when I was young. Labor Day meant the start of school & time to go home. 395 more words

Photography Inspiration

Dad's Lil Princess's wedding!! What is it like to be in his shoes?

Of course , we women dream of our wedding ever since our childhood and that’s very natural.

But let me tell you that there is a person who dreamt about the same ever since we are born. 360 more words


Love to pose? You must definitely try out this "Gaadi waali Photshoot"

Wedding photo shoot was mostly confined to still photography or close up shots for generations now.Your hand under the chin or Hand in Hand pictures… 350 more words

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Check out these amazing ideas for a scintillating Bridal entry

What is that moment at the wedding which brings all the engrossed guest to a standstill? Yes, you guessed it right … The mighty bridal entry!! 353 more words

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What I Did This Summer Part 1

I always thought it was a lame assignment from English teachers, but I now think it’s not a bad perspective for reflection. In this case I will be doing 3 parts. 248 more words

Photography Inspiration

Wedding photography where the 'OUTPUT' matters

“Why I am no where seen in your wedding pictures?”How many of you have ever asked this?  Obviously elders burst out laughing with your question, but what you need to look into is how important photographs had been since generations. 322 more words

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Inspiration- Bailey

I spent many years not getting involved with David
Bailey’s work, as I saw more appeal in his contemporary photographers such as Gered Mankowitz, and Duffy. 154 more words