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Writing ideas

I’m tossing around a few ideas — story ideas — related to the eventual integration of robots into our society. When I say robot, most people think of intelligent robots, but I view the matters of intelligence as separate. 2,043 more words


Surfing - Part 2

Grab a coffee, a snack, and put on an adult diaper . . . this will be a long post.

December 26, 2016, found me back on the shores of the Pine Tree Surfing Beach . 2,176 more words


Trying out the Wordpress Plugin for Google Doc

WordPress now has a plugin for Google Docs and — brave soulless soul that I am — I’m trying it out. The first thing I noticed is the lack of support for Grammarly. 1,034 more words



I suspect — but don’t know for sure — when people think of Hawaiʻi they are not thinking Cowboys, or more accurately, Paniolos. And yet, the influence of the culture is present on all the islands. 762 more words


Hawai'ian Sunsets

One thing that I liked about living in Monument, Colorado, was the opportunity to see lots of spectacular sunsets. Be they because of massive fires ( 633 more words


It's Black and White - 2

Leanne Cole Monochrome Madness weekly journey into the world of Black and White is something worth exploring. This was a themed week, and the theme was “shadow(s)”. 543 more words


Diminutive Disperser Post No. 5 - Cat and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Sometimes, I chance upon things that do not merit one of my lengthy posts, hence, these here diminutive posts. 

As I’m walking around — or even linearly — I’ll notice something and I snap a photo. 1,191 more words