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Hawai'i - the second flowers photos and Stuff

This post showcases photos from late June. The flowers are all from the Maka’eo walking path at the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. All other photos are from where we were then renting, Casa de Emdeko. 2,111 more words


Sunday with my thoughts . . . on Wednesday

Yes, I’m reviving a favorite series of mine. Can you guess why it’s favorite? Because it’s a vehicle for expressing my opinion. Is anyone asking for my opinion? 3,652 more words


Painting, the easy way

Here’s a cartoon I’ve used before . . . 

The painter could at least take comfort in the fact that photos don’t look like paintings.  1,720 more words


Hawai'i - the first flower photos, Nikon edition

THIS post introduced my readers to the flowers at Casa de Emdeko. Those shots were taken and processed on my now ancient Samsung Note II (I think they just released Note 7, although they might have skipped a few numbers). 3,100 more words


Leaving the Mainland - Joshua Tree NP

This is the last post documenting our escape from the mainland (Colorado) via a convoluted route to San Diego. As a reminder, here be the map of our travels.  2,475 more words


Leaving the Mainland - Sequoias

Seeing the Sequoias was in the plan since the day we decided to move to Hawai’i. It nearly didn’t happen because of delays in closing on our Monument house. 1,375 more words