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A spin into the past

Once in a while I feel the urge to let new subscribers (the ones who actually read my stuff as opposed to the ones who want to sell me their stuff) know of things from BTJ (before they joined). 408 more words

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Palmer Park - Colorado Springs

I had two hours to kill after dropping Melisa off at her class. Since I had my camera with me, I decided to pay a visit to Palmer Park (you can read about the park… 1,411 more words

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Bare Bones Selfie

I’ve been busy, so this is just a quick post about . . . 

“Busy with what?”

. . . what the?! . . . let me finish, will ya? 501 more words

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Thrift Stores

We regularly visit thrift stores. Perhaps the best known is Goodwill. Melisa looks for fabric and I look for books that might interest me and I take photos of stuff that I might use in a post. 1,021 more words

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Old, indistinguishable from new

Spring is here and I’ve already started my flowers photography. Yesterday morning I also took my first close-up photos of the Tree Swallows. They appear to be the same pair as last year (last year’s female has a different coloring than previous years). 1,793 more words

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Two Five of Hana, Hawaii

OK, I tried. One Four is interesting, but I find it limiting. 

. . . perhaps I’m not doing it right, so amo gonna try Two Five Not a Challenge. 937 more words

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Twofer One Four Challenge

Once again, I’m cheating a bit by presenting the original photo and not counting it toward the group of four. Here it is . . . 668 more words

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