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NaNoWriMo 2016 - here we go again

The middle of October. Around this time, people are making their plans to partake in the NaNoWriMo 2016. Some are making outlines. Some are roughing out characters. 3,005 more words


Hawai'i - Lapakahi State Historical Park

Only forty-and-some-odd photos in this post.

As usual, you can click on any photo to see a version roughly twice in size as what is shown here (it will open in a new window). 1,381 more words


Hawai'i Murals No. 1

I follow THIS BLOG and am often treated to amazing murals. I tend to notice murals, I notice lots of stuff, make a mental note to eventually snap a photo, and then I seldom do.  1,267 more words


The better hummingbird

The main reason for yesterday’s post was to showcase the processing of a hummingbird using Topaz’s Impression and Glow Plugins. Sure, I added words in there. 1,186 more words


Some stuff, some other stuff, and odd stuff

Writing a generic post begins by choosing a photo. In this case, a hummingbird photo. This hummingbird photo . . .

As I work with the photo, I’m quasi-simultaneously thinking about what I might write. 1,886 more words


Writing update apology

Yesterday, I wrote a piece on writing. From the comments, I gather some readers felt the need to encourage me, to shore me up, as it were. 1,814 more words


Writing update

Nothing new on the short stories and the novel submissions. Rejections from the larger outfits come at a glacial place. Right now, all four of the September 2015 stories are out for submission. 2,033 more words