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Treasure you Special Moments with Professional Photography

Photographs create memories that we treasure for life and remember the good times that we have spent with our loved ones. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding or a… 300 more words


Good Photography Examples

Good Photography Requires Some Techniques

Have you ever been in a wonderful place that doesn’t look great in a picture or vice versa? That’s a matter of technique. 599 more words


Master Photography by Learning and Implementing Proper Techniques

Photography seems to be an easy task but no, it isn’t! There are various techniques that make photography perfect which one needs to know if they are serious in pursuing career in photography. 432 more words


An Exploration into HDR

High Dynamic Range photos create vibrant and detailed landscapes by layering photos with different exposures. I had such a blast experimenting with this process during twilight. 32 more words

Project Week: Light Graffiti

Every once in a while Minerva has a week where regular lessons are postponed so students can participate in workshops about things that are not covered in the curriculum. 435 more words

Art School

What is the zone system in photography?

Photography is a great creative tool that allows us to express ourselves. Just as everything the whole idea can be daunting if not understood clearly. One of those very intimidating concept is the Zone System. 1,034 more words


Whizzing by

I’ve never tried panning before – that photographic technique were you pan your camera along with a moving subject and end up getting a relatively sharp subject but a blurred background that gives the shot a feeling of movement and speed. 49 more words