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PS Challenge - April 30, 2017

Today’s PS Challenge image is representative of many things. First, I took it ‘selfie-style,’ which is a big challenge because I don’t take good selfies and the PowerShot G9 doesn’t have a forward camera setting. 116 more words

PS Challenge - April 26, 2017

Today’s PS Challenge image comes from the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park. I was hoping the coming storm front would provide good light and great skies for shooting the Home Ranch. 51 more words

Shooting in Golden Hour

If your looking to improve your photography utilising the golden hour is a must. This is considered the hour (or two) after sunrise and before sunset. 109 more words


Landscapes and details...

One of my favorite magazines is Outdoor Photographer. I enjoy the content and have been getting wonderful ideas and information for improving my photography. The April 2017 issue had a great article titled ‘Grand Landscapes, Intimate Details’ by Dave Welling. 391 more words

Stop Action Sports Photography in Low Stadium Light, Part 3 (Video)

Here is my 3rd video on sports photography as I made my progression from portraiture.  Sports photography is easy when there is plenty of light and the sun sits high overhead. 413 more words

Pierce Brunson

Black and White

Black and white photography allows us to catch a glimpse of something different, colors are replaced by shades and gradations, a million grays, pure whites, blacks and shadows so deep you can get lost in them. 646 more words


Scouting for Location Shoots: A Step-by-Step Checklist

Professional photographers try to be prepared for the unexpected when photographing wildlife and landscapes. Part of that is planning ahead for a location shoot. Here’s a step-by-step checklist to help guide you to a successful day in the field: 451 more words

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