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Tips for Wicked Halloween Photography

Halloween is a time filled with excitement, emotion, saturated colors, and enchanting subjects. This year, use the following tips and techniques to capture the best Halloween images. 469 more words


Creative New Photography Techniques to Try Out

Whether you tote a DSLR camera with multiple lenses from which to choose or prefer the simplicity of a point-and-shoot, there are a plethora of new and interesting challenges to take on as a photographer. 576 more words

It was a little Spooky at The PHOTOROGR Project this week...

I needed to get a little yard work done before the first big storm came in; I backfilled a new wall (losing 2 lbs in the process), worked on the drip system, and mowed and fertilized the lawn.   571 more words

Photo Fun in the Benson Sculpture Garden...

A couple months ago, my lovely bride and I loaded up and headed home to Wyoming to join family in celebrating my Dad’s 85th birthday!  While we were there, we also celebrated Mom and Dad’s 65th wedding anniversary.   951 more words

Why You Should Take the Photograph Now

Among all the important things I’ve learned as a photographer, one stands out:

T a k e  t h e  p h o t o  n o w !  557 more words


Photography in Bad Weather

Plans often don’t work out the way we think they will, but sometimes they work out even better than what we had in mind.

If you’re traveling, perhaps flew to a special location, and due to schedule restrictions have only one day to get those spectacular mountain shots, what happens if that day is cold, rainy, and miserable? 321 more words

Photography Tips

The Blue Hour Photography

Hello everyone, and welcome back here. I’m sure the consistency with which I make the posts amazes you. It amazes me so much that half of the time I’m too amazed to write, causing further delay. 355 more words

Delhi At Night