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White Balance

White balance is the name given to the process of removing unnatural colour casts. This is done so that objects that appear white in person are also seen as white in a photo. 103 more words

Photography Techniques


Aperture is the opening of the lens. When the shutter release button is pressed it opens a gap/hole that allows light to enter, this allows the cameras sensor to catch a glimpse of the image you are aiming to procure. 187 more words

Photography Techniques

Exposure Triangle

The exposure determines how light or dark an image is once its been captured by a camera. The exposure is effected by three things – ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture – known as the exposure triangle. 45 more words

Photography Techniques

Pinhole Camera

A Pinhole Camera is effectively a lightproof box, without a lens, and one small aperture – known as the pinhole. Light from a scene passes through the small pinhole and projects the reversed image on the other side of the box. 143 more words

Photography Techniques

As promised - car show pictures...

In my last post, I promised pictures from the Holy Smoker’s Car Show (May 2) and Big Mama’s Car Show (May 9).  I tried some new shooting techniques at Holy Smoker’s, using neutral density (ND) and circular polarizer filters alone and in combination, with interesting results.  586 more words

Processing Tip #1: Blue-skying

I’m back in Canada now after four months of living and cruising on our sailboat, Windsong II, in Florida and the Bahamas. As you can imagine, the photo opps were astounding and I did my best to fill up my camera cards with images. 499 more words


How to Double Your Traffic Using Simple Photography Tips

You know how to write a blog post.

You’ve done it before for months or even years.

You can recite the three basic components in your sleep.  1,277 more words