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Panning is not an easy technique to learn, but once you get it, you can produce some pretty cool images.

As you can see in the photo above, panning is when you shoot something that is moving to make it look static, subsequently blurring the background. 323 more words


My 'Creative Spirit' is alive and well!

As promised, I’ve been trying new techniques and subjects this week, and I’ve been having a blast.  I haven’t forgotten my familiar subjects, however, and you’ll still see plenty of them.  769 more words

Photography: Fun with Panning

Last month I did a post on ghosting in photos.  Another way to use long shutter speeds to create fun images is panning.  Basically set your shutter speed to 1/15 or longer and move your camera with the moving object at the same speed.   60 more words


No One Wants to See Your Pictures, What to do About it

Let’s Face it your Photos are Boring

How many times has this scenario played out?  You do something exciting, you go on a trip to some exotic vacation, you come back and want to show everyone the amazing pictures you took; only to see the look of boredom on their face.   602 more words


Hi Ho Silver, Away!!!

For those of you who are counting, this is my 25th post (hence the ‘Silver’ reference)!  I’m very excited about my journey, as you saw in last week’s blog.  1,132 more words

Photography: Experimenting With a Fill Card

I recently had my photography mid-term and we (groups of 3) had to take 2 images using natural light. The light source was a window and our first picture was suppose to show natural shadows on the face. 239 more words


Shooting the West...and a little reflection...

I had the most wonderful experience this week – I attended ‘Shooting the West: The Nevada Photography Experience’ (www.shootingthewest.org).  Mere words can not adequately describe this event, and I don’t have the photographic skill to do it justice, either.  954 more words