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Shooting from the Hip

Many well-known street photographers have embraced the technique of shooting from the hip. Where you quite literally photograph everything from hip height without looking through the view finder. 129 more words


What is the Color of Snow?

Although you might think this is a trick question, if you’ve spent any time in photography, particularly with editing software, you know the dilemma.

When you need to custom balance the white, what do you go with? 203 more words

Photography Tips

Long Exposure Experimentation

My Favorite Mistake   |    Author: Christina Heinle

While in Vienna, I practiced long exposure photography at night.  Capturing the streaking tail lights of cars with the historic buildings in the background was quite fun and overall I was pleased with the results.  199 more words


P-a-D#11 Try Something New

Okay, so taking photographs isn’t something new, but experimenting with the inverse square law is.  Don’t ask me to explain it, because I don’t understand it and couldn’t even repeat it if asked.   94 more words


Shooting in snow! What a fun challenge!

Our collective attention has focused on the weather for the last week or so, as seemingly the entire nation has been under siege by cold and snow.   648 more words

Zoo Photography - Shooting Through Fences

Author: Amy Horn

Capturing images of zoo animals should be easy. After all, they are waiting for us to take their photo in their enclosures. But the trick to capturing great zoo photos is to capture a photo that doesn’t look like it was taken in a zoo. 707 more words


"Don't start breaking the rules...

…until you know and understand them.”  This is the final tip in an article called ’50 Tips from 50 Years Behind the Camera’ by Allen Weitz ( 419 more words