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Dear Guys On Tinder,

Believe it or not this post actually does have to do with photography…

Not too long ago I had a very interesting conversation with a couple of my favorite gentleman about the usage of my photos as Tinder profile pics. 786 more words


Photography 101: 8 Ways to Know You Are Ready

Published on Aug 7, 2014

by: The Slanted Lens

How do you know when you are ready to start making money in photography and video? Many amateur photographers think there is a destination with a large sign that reads “You have arrived,” but that isn’t how it works. 67 more words

Nature Photos

Lumen Printing and Gum Bichromate Photography

Lumen printing is another camera-less process and belong to alternative processes area. It involves black & white or colour photographic paper and natural light. Apart of it we need organic materials or digital prints could be use for this process. 517 more words


Pinhole Photography

Pinhole camera doesn’t have lens. Very small hole represent the lens. Light travel through the hole and format image inside the camera, which could be created from, simply box. 218 more words


The Cyanotype Process

Sir John Herschel invented cyanotype in 1841. The tone of the image is Prussian Blue and is created by using two solutions of Ammonium Ferric Citrate and Potassium Ferricyanide. 319 more words


Outdoor Flash Photography

In the outdoor Flash Photography we work out with 2 different light sources: flashlight and ambient light and we need to learn how to balance these light sources. 445 more words


Landscape Photography Tip: Arrive Early / Stay Late

Arrive Early and Stay Late

Mother nature has a way of presenting her beauty when she feels like it. When shooting your nature and landscape photographs, arrive on the scene early and leave the scene late. 212 more words