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Pro Photographer Jennifer Spelman Shares 9 Tips for Taking Great Travel Portraits

Creating a great travel portrait isn’t always easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding and lead to memories that will last a lifetime. I sat down with… 940 more words


How to create the feel of depth in the photos?

The feel of depth can be understood as the feel of walking through the photo. A photo is two dimensional and the feel of three dimension is all about the feel of depth in it. 291 more words

The ART Of Photography

Make Your Outdoor Photos Pop

Contributed by: Martin J. Allred      www.floridaography.com

If you are serious about photography and want to shoot like a pro, you should invest in a  DSLR camera and a couple of decent detachable lenses with filters. 316 more words


You've Taken Lots of Photos, Now What?

This was originally posted in August, 2015.

I spend a decent amount of time at work answering questions about what to do with digital photos after they’ve been taken.  108 more words


Macro Photography without a Macro Lens

If you want to get closer to your subjects for increased magnification, the standard route is to employ a macro lens when shooting. However, if you only have occasional use for a macro lens it may seem like an undue expense. 130 more words

Photography Tips

How to avoid camera blur on subject?

Camera shake or camera blur is a crucial problem while shooting in slow shutter speeds and it is a major issue with the beginners. It is the feel of visual jerk or vibration seen in a photo. 393 more words

How To - In My DSLR?

How to Make My Super Easy, Ridiculously Cheap, DSLR Rain Cover

A week or so ago I posted a photo-essay about shooting in the rain in Bejucal, Cuba. I mentioned a cover I made with a plastic bag for my DSLR, which led to some inquiries from readers asking how they could make it themselves. 316 more words