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227 - Defending the Enemy

Today over 200 papers across the United States featured op-ed columns defending the free press as a fundamental and essential institution.

I support the free press by subscription to local and national news.

Do you?


Pick a Peck of Purple Peppers

Pick a peck of purple peppers. James is growing these in a pot, out front on the steps. Don’t think there will enough for a peck, though. 20 more words


A Critic Who Worships Literature, and Defends His Faith Accordingly by NATHANIEL RICH


In his passionate new essay collection, “American Audacity,” William Giraldi fiercely emphasizes the cultural importance of high literary standards.

Published: August 15, 2018 at 08:00PM… 31 more words


Day 228 // 8/16/18 // Music Updates + Cracker Barrel

My last first week of class wrapped up today. I think it’s going to be the only week where I don’t have fifty assignments due. 301 more words

Stay Open, Forever

“Don’t be afraid to be confused. Try to remain permanently confused. Anything is possible. Stay open, forever, so open it hurts, and then open up some more, until the day you die, world without end, amen.”

131 more words