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Something Lost

we are all searching for something, to be something in life. But perhaps we get lost trying to be something else. We lose our true selves in a search in the dark. 7 more words


When Surroundings Inspire.

So I only just arrived home a few minutes ago, in spite of being out of school since about a million hours ago. But nevertheless, it is blogging time! 463 more words

Aspiring Author

Let them find me

I just happened to fall upon this scene for today’s addition to #TheWhiteDress series. Photos seem to work out best when I just let them find me rather than going looking for them, I’ve noticed. 8 more words

Take Me to Abandoned Warehouses to Show Me Our Love is Real

Want to win my heart?

Scout out an abandoned warehouse, because you know I will love it and will want to take pictures there.

In the tiny little village of Colon, MI, there is an abandoned warehouse filled with porcelain, furniture, sewing things, mirrors… It’s crazy. 388 more words

Magic Photo by bodymassagemachinegooo

Arena foil beta forest via #pucatrade.
#foil #beta #basicland #mtg #nerdlife #arenapromo #magicthegathering

(PucaTrade is a new way to trade MtG cards online).

Magic The Gathering