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Georgia 1946?

This was done with one of those cheap sun print kits. You just lay the negative directly on the paper, cover with plexiglas, expose it in the sun until the paper turns white, then rinse and blot dry. 22 more words


Exciting News!


You won’t believe what news I have, never in a million, billion years!! I’ve only been chosen to appear in a calendar! They hang on the wall with numbers and pictures on them so our hoomans knows what day it is, I know weird eh? 95 more words


Mossy Log

From today’s walk in the preserve


Playing With the Public

Having been told I do not play well with others (prickly, grumpy, intolerant or any other of a myriad of adjectives I have heard in the past), I decided to put THAT theory to a litmus test.   257 more words