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Beauty Norms

Photographer apologizes for changing an actress’s hair style in a magazine cover photo, calling it “an unbelievably damaging and hurtful act.” Actress Lupito Nyong’o complained it was an attempt to make her fit “Eurocentric” beauty norms.


Shaken Photojournalism Industry Questions Itself After Souvid Datta Scandal

When photographer Souvid Datta admitted last week to having manipulated and infringed on a number of images over the span of his career, the scandal set off a series of reactions that has shaken the photojournalism industry. 1,587 more words

Souvid Datta: 'I Foolishly Doctored Images'

Souvid Datta, an award-winning photojournalist, admits it: he doctored images and infringed on the work of other photographers.

Until this week, Datta was an example of stand-out early success in his field. 2,175 more words