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Barriers to Building Condos in Washington State

Ron Wells stands in front of the John A. Finch Memorial Nurses Home, which he developed into condos, in Spokane, WA. There are regulatory, financial and legal barriers to building condos in the state. 46 more words


Venice Beach California

The first time I visited Venice Beach was in 1967. It was a funky hippie community by a beautiful beach. Jim Morrison lived in Venice Beach. 96 more words


Outdoor hike, cold beer, great food...the ultimate cure for jet-lag?

We were on final approach into Edinburgh airport. My body was aching with fatigue and my eyes were burning from sleep deprivation. As I viewed the country from the small window at my jump seat I knew I was doomed. 480 more words

Day 1940: It's all coming together

Even though this blog has been coming together daily for several years,  I’ve never before quoted something my boyfriend Michael says all the time.  Whenever I express relief or another positive reaction to some development, minor or major, Michael says, “It’s all coming together.” 222 more words

Personal Growth

I'll be back...

Sorry folks, life’s been hectic these past few days. It’s given me lots of things to blog about but not the time to do it. I’ve been occupied with bits at home, sorting out pictures for clients, adding pictures to my website and (last but not definitely not least) spending some quality time with my wife. 170 more words


Composition Tips For Better Fashion Photography

In most situations, the same rules apply to fashion photography composition just like any other photographic genre. However, emphasising the subject is one thing. Showcasing what they’re wearing at the same time may require some serious composition skills.

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