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Esther, 7, glued to a smartphone’s screen; ceaselessly making up and down moves, keenly playing her favorite Android game; Subway Surfers. #KiberaStories Photo by ©Bryan Jaybee @storitellah


Melburnians trash anti-terrorism measure

While some Melburnians have taken to beautifying the city’s latest safety measure, the concrete bollards, others are trashing the already-drab addition to the streets. Over the past two months, more than 200 bollards have been installed in Melbourne in an effort to prevent vehicle-based attacks. 9 more words


Recent Work From Boulder County

Prairie Mountain Media 2017

It has been a long, long time (six months! crap!) since I have posted anything to the ol’ web log. Check out a bunch of breaking news photos from the last couple of months. 18 more words


1994 Northridge Earthquake Interview

This photo from January 26, 1994 at an aid facility, is of a woman speaking about her experience with the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake, which struck a little over a week before. 15 more words


The Header Image

It is a picture of dawn in the city. Where two persons are fishing in the river, together with them are the birds, also feeding from the fishes. 47 more words


Analyzing the veracity of photos in the post-truth age

Photographs are more than just an aesthetic element. They help us tell better stories.

Photos can provide information, such as documentation of newsworthy events to  628 more words