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And liked daydreaming

Whew, I was going to continue the portrait sketch I mentioned last time but then I put together another budget outfit! Some of what I’m wearing was free, and some just mega cheap. 114 more words


Who hated paperwork

I really envy people who can make their set-ups and locations just… work! Trying out so many locations and poses really made me respect the skill put into Second Life photography. 108 more words


The Ethereal Worlds of Amr Elshamy

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Amr Elshamy is a self-taught artist from Egypt.

“I love to practice all styles/kinds/techniques of art, but my real passion in filmmaking, I like to live in my own world away from the people, down earth kinda guy, sometimes I fly and have friends from another world!” 14 more words

Art And Artist

Princess' Day Out

This is my own design for a change; I thought it was time to ditch the tutorial and see what I have learned so far.


Something isn't Quite Right

This is my response to The Forrest Gump Project assignment. I had to photo-edit myself into a historic photograph.

I really like how it looks like the kid driving the car is giving me the stink eye. 144 more words



I see my body

stretched taut

like plucked wire

breath squeezed

and wheezing

bones snapping

skin cracking

lips shaping and

scraping dry screams from my throat… 33 more words