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Mid-Winter Bee by tdlucas5000

Yes, I know the yellow frame is a bit much for some people, but I like it. Here’s a nice honeybee doin’ the bee thing. 79º today. 7 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I enjoy walking through graveyards, but that was not what I was doing this past week when I saw this grave marker:

I was walking through a garden at the time, and this grave marker just happened to be in it.   209 more words


Nowhere to Go? by davidmorton

Not really true – but the road through Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park does provide some spectacular driving distractions.

7xp HDR taken on a tripod near ground level in the middle of the road. 6 more words


The Tree of Life

Intrigue – arouse the curiosity or interest of.  And that is what happens when I see a lone tree.

To me, they are like life.  Those trees could tell you a thousand stories.  50 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

This morning I was walking, and came across this sign:

Only, it didn’t look like that.  That is more what it looked like in a final version that existed in my head and was going to be put in this week’s… 242 more words




ONE OF THE MOST REMARKABLE POP CULTURE TRENDS OF THE PAST FEW YEARS has been the improbable reemergence of the vinyl LP,  inching its way back onto shelves in edgy fashion boutiques and chain stores alike along with an entire battery of support materials: preeners, cleaners, racks, boxes, even the iconic hippie fruit crate, along with a new generation of high-and-low tech turntables and speakers. 381 more words

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