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Amazing Illustrative Work from Box Hill Graphic Design Students

Beautiful Photomontage Images, Vector Camera Illustration, Hand Cut Floral Design, and pen and ink animal illustrations by students completing the Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at Box Hill Institute. 32 more words

Animals | pettirosso sul nocciolo

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

By francomottironi

Source: 500px.com


Nice, here

Nice, here
Collage on found magazine page, August 2015


The Temptations Of Pierre Molinier

At all times, my acts and my actions in life have stemmed from love or eroticism, as you like it.

(Pierre Molinier, The Shaman and its Creatures) 476 more words

After Nyne Art

STAN DOUGLAS: MISE EN SCÈNE │ Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin → 20 September 2015


“An ātist huz invstigešnz intu mstecn îdntti n unsteble memri, rcnstruẋn, riinvnšn n ɖ loñ šadoz ɖ past casts intu ɖ preznt, mc hm wn v ɖ most intrestñ n impwtnt ātists v âr tîm” 73 more words


Dedicated To Vernon & Theresa Rodriguez

This video is dedicated to Vernon & Theresa Rodriguez. Video shot on an iPhone 5 using the NEW Rarevision “VHS Camcorder” App.