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IT’S TRICKY TRYING TO TRACK THE HISTORIC ORIGINS OF PHOTOMONTAGE, or to even isolate great early practitioners of the technique. Suffice it to say that, ever since the development of the glass negative, people have wondered what it would look like if you stacked one of them on top of the other and printed the result. 372 more words


We create...

We create a world

With playing fields

Failure is an option

My family tells me

I am happy

Khea Padilla - Photo Montage

I knew I wanted to have some typographical element in the piece so I used it as a connecting thread to what I was trying to convey in my project. 57 more words


Lesley Maidona - Photomontage

This project was inspired, by a dream I had. I didn’t have a particular artist in mind when I made this. I just felt that I wanted recreate that paticular dream. 102 more words


Abigail De Leon - Photomontage

The title of my montage is The Creator. I wanted to portray that there was someone creating existence. I planned to express my idea by having an individual in a cave or landscape and as he walks/stands, the universe and life begin to form. 70 more words