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Photomontage development

This photomontage was a response to the feedback I received from the feedback session earlier this week. My peers and tutors had both mentioned the fact that the image seemed to be an uncomfortable mix of obvious and subtle montaging, to correct this I knew that I’d either have to take it to one extreme or the other and make the blending really obvious or really convincing. 477 more words

My Work

50 Days of Altered Postcards: Day 6

Collage on John Hinde original vintage postcard

Number 6 in a series of 50 original artworks on postcard available to buy here at £3, plus postage. 31 more words


Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton has been referred to as the ‘father of Pop Art’, his iconic photomontages pushed the boundaries of what Art meant. Hamilton surrounded himself with influential artists including his friends Marcel Duchamp and Rene Magritte, and in turn influenced future artists by teaching David Hockney, Peter Blake among many others at the Royal College of Arts in London. 319 more words

Artist Research

Assessment: A Western take on the Buddhist perspective of Suffering.

As humans, we all have to face suffering. In western cultures we think about suffering as a temporary feeling. To Westerners, suffering is losing your iPhone or not having enough money to go out and get drunk. 2,197 more words


Christopher Tucay - Photomontage


Originally I wanted to do a more fantasy style piece with floating castles and the like. It then evolved into a composition with more science-fiction and a slight hint of fantasy. 67 more words