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Gamma Rays in Solar Space: SLAC Today

They have just realised that our space glows in gamma rays due to collisions of solar photons with high charge electrons or protons from out there and the dissolving process of dark matter. 48 more words

LIGHT: Frequency Without Wavelength

I have never been satisfied with the current theory of Light. I feel there is still a bit of “magic” or “the gods” clinging to Light, in the sense that we are still perplexed by the apparent duality of its behavior– that is, its seeming ability to behave both as particle and as wave– and not just any wave, mind you –not like an ocean or sound wave– but as a fantastical “transverse” wave travelling, if unimpeded, forever without losing power and without benefit of a medium. 1,259 more words


Photoelectric Effect Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

The Photoelectric Effect Multiple Choice Questions And Answers are as follows:

01. True or False: The maximum Kinetic Energy of photoelectrons increases with increase in frequency. 607 more words


A Love Letter From A Physicist

My dear,

The universe has happened perfectly to create you. All the atoms have spun and twisted around each other for eons, forming bonds and breaking, collapsing and building anew, each one on its own individual journey, and here they have arrived, perfectly arranged so as to create you. 252 more words

come sail away with me

In 1980, The Planetary Society was born out of the minds of Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman, as a non-profit organization with a focus on public outreach and a dedication to sponsor innovative projects to further the exploration of space.  687 more words


VIP pass to a holograpahy lab

Greetings! I am proud to present our brand new labs at the Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies! After a whole year of construction work, repairs and various emotions, the renovated labs are finally ready for action. 306 more words