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VIP pass to a holograpahy lab

Greetings! I am proud to present our brand new labs at theĀ Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies! After a whole year of construction work, repairs and various emotions, the renovated labs are finally ready for action. 306 more words


Bio-Photons ~ Are We Made Of Light

Makalesi explains how the human body may be more advanced then we ever thought possible. Very interesting!
Don’t miss! V.


Photon Collisons

By The Daily Galaxy

No significant signs of new physics with the present data from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, but it takes only 1 significant deviation in the data to change everything. 696 more words


Applied image sensors - EMCCDs and yeast cells

Finally, after a long break I am back!

We had exceptionally good weather here last weekend and I spent some time in the university parks with a friend who studies at the biochemistry department. 1,333 more words


2) Particles: Neutrinos

I am back again with particles post. I was thinking if first should be about electrons or photons and then I realized that neutrinos are kind of really special and fun so I will start with them. 247 more words

april 2015: 2

Bicarbonate for Better Vision?
“Controlling bicarbonate levels may slow progression of eye diseases”
Harvard Medical School News — April 2, 2015

Evolutionary Relic
Pseudogenes in the human genome may lead to cancer development” 95 more words

Cancer Research

The adventures of a photon through space

The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) involves artists and scientists across a large range of domains. It certainly also involves astronomers and to honour this year, we might temporarily rename our research groups Laboratories of Light Pathology. 1,190 more words