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How do solar cells and LEDs work?

It’s obvious to point out that generating renewable energy is hugely important, and one way of doing that is to make electricity using solar cells. Solar cells turn the energy carried by light into an electrical current, which can directly power a device, be connected into the grid, or be stored in a battery for future use. 978 more words


Can two-photon scanning be too fast?

The following back-of-the-envelope calculations do not lead to any useful result, but you might be interesting in reading through them if you want to get a better understanding of what happens during two-photon excitation microscopy. 487 more words


What Do X-Rays Bring to Mind?

What comes to mind when you hear the word x-rays? Is it medical imaging tools, ranging from a simple radiography of a broken finger to an abdominal CT scan? 2,084 more words


Producing single photons

Researchers at the University of Bath have recently developed a technique to more reliably produce single photons, potentially advancing the field of quantum information processing. The study of the world at the atomic scale is what gave birth to the field of quantum physics. 445 more words


LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN - We've Moved into Exponentially Increasing Photon/Bio-Photon Activity (Permanently) - New Chakras Inside - Diamond Laser Frequencies - The Veils are Gone - 10-28-17


10/23/17: Charging photons and how photons behave now dictate how our realities correlate as well. This increasing photonic activity moves us all into more Quantum Existence than ever before. 1,857 more words

Quantum Weirdness of Light Was Just Confirmed by Shooting Photons Into Space

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According to ScienceAlert

Einstein is still wrong on this one.

Quantum physics’ two-faced nature has been put to the test over and over again, and every time it’s still damn weird.

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Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil Degrasse Tyson (Part 1)

Preface. The public has become more interested in science. In addition, science fiction films help to generate even more interest. Astrophysics has always been on people’s minds. 1,791 more words