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Haiku For The Final 8 Minutes Of Light

Soon will be our turn
Grieving mothers in darkness
Suns die everyday

© Chagall 2015


splendidly swanky and strangely new sleeping quarters

As we all know, I am the guru of baby sleep. Mike will happily regale you with tales of Evanskey children who happily sleep in their own beds with no parental assistance or assurance required. 444 more words


you can never have too many hands

WELL HELLO, FRIENDS! I have yet to start hammering out our weekly activities plan, but it’s still in the works. On Monday after I posted… 559 more words


we'll be basking in the glow of the orange room at noon

Luckily for you (and probably me, too), today is much less emotionally charged day here in the Evanskey household. I was able to get in touch with Preston’s nurse at the doctor’s office yesterday after my post. 722 more words

Harriet Homemaker

'To heat a planetary surface' for dummies; Part 4

I rounded off Part 3 of this series by suggesting the following:

Next up: How do you heat a planetary surface, then? If not by the Earth’s own thermal radiation, a result of its temperature rather than a cause of it … How does the atmosphere insulate the surface?”

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