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Full photon assault

Upon her defenseless skin

Red from the carnage

Tailored phasematching as a time-frequency photonic toolbox in Optica

We’ve just published a quick guide to “Tailoring nonlinear processes for quantum optics with temporal mode encodings,” online now at Optica and on the arXiv… 331 more words

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Twisted Photons

Figure 1:  Poor depth of field, or the blowing wind?

This blog is closely related to another one of my blogs (called videomiscellany.wordpress.com) – which currently is targeted towards the journal-ling of experiences related to a nascent video-making hobby that I’ve recently adopted.  160 more words

What's with light interference? How do photons work with matter?

In most conditions, light doesn’t interact photon-to-photon. The field they flow in doesn’t engage the constituent particles this way. Photons are massless electro-magnetic force carriers for matter. 288 more words
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Springtime for two-photon microscopy

Today, the fields and forests around Basel are full of flowers that try to disseminate their pollen. Fixed pollen are, apart from sub-diffraction beads and the convallaria rhizome, one of the most commonly used test/reference samples for fluorescence microscopy. 443 more words


How does the gravity of photons affect each other as they move?

Photons are massless and so do not influence the gravitational field. They do propagate through space-time, which is influenced by mass-bearing particles. So photons are involved with gravity only by curvature of space; but they cannot contribute to this curvature.

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a quick finish before the worms devour me.

in the distance, he heard a hum, one of industry and of machinery, and at the center, he saw its heart—

the repeal had been made, all that flowed now, where should have flown blood, was a void. 572 more words