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Treatment Countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

6 Million Photons…

According to my radiation oncologist, my radiation dose consists of 6 million photons.

I think this is a daily dose (as opposed to an overall total), and in fact, since I receive treatments from three angles, I may be receiving 3 x 6 million photons each day. 54 more words

Breast Cancer

Protons and Photons - The new miracle of radiation?

Just to state what I hope is obvious.

I am in no way a doctor or medically qualified. Everything that I write in this post is based on my own investigation of several sources as you shouldn’t take anything as being true without researching it yourself. 1,408 more words



A game of inches, halftones someday maybe
just a fingertip away from grasp, the thinnest
side of a prism edge, a place where souls slip… 44 more words


Book Review: Struck by Genius By Jason Padgett & Maureen Seaberg

Mathematics, consciousness, and the brain’s extraordinary coping mechanisms have always been intriguing subjects for me. When I found this biography of Jason Padgett, a man who survived traumatic brain injury and gained amazing computational abilities in the process, I couldn’t pass it up. 514 more words

Book Reviews

'Rain bringing out the contours in everything'

Last October I cited John Hull’s audio diary in which he said ‘Cognition is beautiful.  It is beautiful to know.’   Last week, I watched the film ‘ 410 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Frogs and the Universe

Did you know that frogs can see much farther than us? Much, much farther.

In British physicist David Deutsch’s 1997 book Fabric of Reality, he discusses the electric torch (flashlight) experiment, where an experimenter gradually backs away from the torch, the light from it becoming fainter and fainter, then he says: 224 more words


Compton Scattering

Here’s an interesting insight into the mind of a physicist: they think “Oh boy, I’d sure love to know more about the nature of light!” 384 more words

Physics Notes