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Star Catalog SAO 244567

Conflicted today about what to write:
a new star born in the stingray nebula or
my father and I in a photo younger
than my children are today. 50 more words


New Record: Quantum Teleportation of a Particle of Light Six Kilometers

Through a collaboration between the University of Calgary, The City of Calgary and researchers in the United States, a group of physicists led by Wolfgang Tittel, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary have successfully demonstrated teleportation of a photon (an elementary particle of light) over a straight-line distance of six kilometres using The City of Calgary’s fibre optic cable infrastructure. 694 more words


Entangled Particles Reveal Even Spookier Action Than Thought.

Most of the time, the world seems — if not precisely orderly — then at least governed by fixed rules. At the macroscale, cause-and-effect rules the behavior of the universe, time always marches forward and objects in the universe have objective, measurable properties. 121 more words


The White Ship, Part 1: What is a Bridge of Moonbeams made of?

“Lovecraft’s tale is meant to be interpreted allegorically or symbolically, and as such enunciates several central tenets of his philosophical thought.” – S.T. Joshi ( 1,083 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

Etchings on fabric of nature

In the previous post, we looked at how an electron in a retinal molecule is excited by the energy of a photon and it knocked out of its energy level causing a temporary break in its bond eventually leading to change in shape of the entire molecule. 809 more words

The Script Grandeur

jesus hands

jesus hands and lucidly dreaming
pineal glands-

every hue-man that walks
the planet has jesus hands,
lay lovingly over
anything at all-
& breathe- its sudden harmony… 433 more words