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Photons bounce around

Exchanged, consumed, created

Bringing light to all


Hypothesis: positivity can be regarded a photon

A couple of days ago I studied the eyes looking back at me in the mirror and decided that the girl on the other side was in serious need of a peptalk. 385 more words

Diary Entries

Time Travel

Einstein made the distinction that time travel is impossible, but observation of different times, may be possible.  Due to the fact that mass becomes infinite at the speed of light, traveling at or faster than the speed of light would become impossible.  435 more words

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Gas Discharge Tubes

I’ve been procrastinating heavily lately with high voltages and some noble gas tubes lying around. Seen below is some footage I took of a xenon flash tube connected to a high-voltage inverter salvaged from the LCD of a scrap laptop. 336 more words


Quantization of energy : Packets of energy

To understand this, we need to understand why this theory of quantization came into existence. Because here the ‘why’ part has all the answers in regards to this theory. 697 more words


Plasmonic filters in nature — a follow-up

Just a quick follow-up on my previous post depicting surface plasmons. I came across a well prepared pop-science video about butterflies under a scanning electron microscope. 254 more words


Precursor Field Connection to Quantum Field Theory

I’ve done some pretty intense thinking about the precursor field that enables quantized particles to exist (see prior post for a summary of this thought process) via unitary field twists that tend to a background state direction. 618 more words