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Your boyfriend reminds me of a photon

Your boyfriend reminds me of a photon,

really quite apt in this Year of Light.

He can get absorbed by some very dull things

and I really don’t think he’s that bright. 57 more words


Capture the LIGHT!

That’s right, scientists in MIT created a super fast camera that can capture 1 TRILLION frames per second. Compare that with a traditional movie camera which takes a mere 24. 31 more words

Everything Else

Speculation Unlimited--A Fantastical History of the Universe Part I: The Creation of Matter

I love speculation. It is one of the most enjoyable thought pursuits I engage in, if not the most enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is hard to share your speculations without seeming like a total nutcase. 1,386 more words

Science And Philosphy

Photons be free

I carry this weight

This room is my own sickbay

Are my photons free?


Blackholes and the Action Principle.

This is not an article that purports to establish any link between what I have to say about Black-holes and what I have to say about Action Principle… 1,353 more words

Particles And Their Properties

Lifesize Colors

I miss the suspense – that delicious hour, sometimes a week –
of waiting for my photos.

Chagall 2015


What's the Matter

Last week I watched a show on PBS about the discovery of matter. It was absolutely fascinating. At one time people believed that the four elements of matter were, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. 229 more words

Art Of Thinking