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Thinking on photons

Here am I lying on my back on a hard, narrow “bed”, part of the quiet linear accelerator (linac) that is bombarding a neatly — if invisibly — delineated section of my chest with photons. 2,007 more words


Unlocking The Secrets of The Standard Model Part 6: Electromagnetism

As we progress through this series, the theories and concepts become increasingly difficult and abstract. Though they may seem daunting, the simple solution to this is to read the passage a few times. 615 more words



Togal = Five Lights Or Rays

The light that shines

These rays are the five wisdoms that are the natural display or manifestation of pure, empty awareness: “mirror-like wisdom”, “wisdom of all-encompassing space”, “wisdom of equality”, “discriminating wisdom” and “all-accomplishing wisdom”. 328 more words

September Poem 22: Proper Catfish Pie

Greg Polan, who talks to invisible

People, doodles pictures pushed out of stream

Banks flooded where high waters have peril,

Even the pearl itself. Several people… 63 more words


Scientists Develop Medical Camera That Sees Through the Human Body

The camera detects photons, which will aid in internal medical procedures that could make treatment via invasive surgery less necessary than it has been. 176 more words

All-optical entirely passive laser scanning with MHz rates

Is it possible to let a laser beam scan over an angle without moving any mechanical parts to deflect the beam? It is. One strategy is to use a very short-pulsed laser beam: A short pulse width means a finite spectral width of the laser (->Heisenberg). 797 more words

Calcium Imaging

White, Light, Optics

Today I’ve started my day reflecting on the deeper and symbolic meaning that colors may have. For example in ancient Egypt the men related to religion and god adoration was used to dress only in white linen. 784 more words

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