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Study I

I think of photons lapsing through lifetimes
in one moment, and I sense a communion,
because I too am chaliced to infinitesimals,
my body thralled to place by stonecut angels… 91 more words

Physics 032 - Light is a particle?

A few weeks ago we proved light behaved as waves since it produces diffraction patterns after going through 2 slits.  Today we investigated the particle nature of light.   239 more words


Some light reading about light

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Particle Physics


Recently, I am studying about how light actually works in real world. The whole concept of photons to describe light seems really interesting. I am reading a book “ 131 more words


Quantum computing with single photons getting closer to reality

One promising approach for scalable quantum computing is to use an all-optical architecture, in which the qubits are represented by photons and manipulated by mirrors and beam splitters. 486 more words


Chiseling out The Chip!

This post may be a bit redundant with the info I added in the other place, but I am excited, so I felt the need to rewrite some of it here. 455 more words