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Your Night with That Smell of Burning

Your Night with the Smell of Burning Chrome

In memories brought back by the smell of burning chrome—
ghostly wisps only there in your knowing of what’s to come— 211 more words

May Poem 26

Greg Polan, who talks to invisible people,

Doodles pictures pushed

Out of stream banks flooded

Where high waters have pearl,

Even the pearl itself.

Several people have reported, 39 more words

Leaving the Sun at the Speed of Light

Albert Einstein imagining himself riding lightning.

And here we have a clever representation by  Alphonse Swinehart

Calendar Reform

Circle of My Writing Life

The words, they usually roll off my brain, down my arms, to find transformation, letter by letter on the keyboard.  The words then spring to life in digital form, photons of light streaming back into my eyes.  113 more words


Wisdom is Filtered With Wrinkles

I had the undiluted pleasure of having tea with my 84-year old neighbour this weekend. Despite the fact that I was 5 days late for the appointment, he was most forgiving and even looked quite chuffed to see me. 502 more words


Study I

I think of photons lapsing through lifetimes
in one moment, and I sense a communion,
because I too am chaliced to infinitesimals,
my body thralled to place by stonecut angels… 91 more words

Physics 032 - Light is a particle?

A few weeks ago we proved light behaved as waves since it produces diffraction patterns after going through 2 slits.  Today we investigated the particle nature of light.   239 more words