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Shutterbug Showcase: Circles

With thanks to @adriennea3 for this week’s prompt, Circles – it’s difficult to follow last week’s excellent #photopost (Mystery), but I got to my camera and had some small play at home with some mundane subject matter. 33 more words

Shutterbug Showcase - Smoke

Thanks @niyati16 for the prompt.. Had me thinking for a long time and hence a very late submission too!

This photo, although a very simple interpretation of the word “smoke”, brings back a myriad of memories. 69 more words

Shutterbug Showcase

Hi everyone,
The prompt for me was ‘Perspective’, shared by @arwen1968.
Thank you for the prompt.
Perspective was a difficult and a very interesting prompt. 143 more words


A glimpse of light (Shutterbug Showcase)

I’ve been meaning to get into the habit of keeping up with this #photopost event. The days and weeks fly by! Yesterday’s ShutterbugShowcase post is… 188 more words


A Glimpse of Light

Thanks to @niciacruz for this prompt. :)

A glimpse of light could have been a lot of things: the light at the end of a tunnel… the first rays of the sun at dawn… light streaming through a stained glass window… a solitary candle in the night… the gleam of a torch in the woods. 75 more words