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On 15 September...

It was on 15 September that the Mayflower departed from Plymouth. It was also on 15 September that the Escorial was completed. 15 September is also the only date which is still free for our Shutterbug Showcase – so can someone please come forward to do the photopost on this memorable date? 55 more words

Shutterbug Showcase-Doors

I immediately thought of this door in Downtown Panama City when I received this prompt. We were there for Layce and Benyi’s wedding and it was a special week spend with their family and friends. 66 more words

Shutterbug Showcase - Companion

It’s time for the Thursday feature to showcase your shutterbug talent! This week @beckybwinch gave me a prompt ‘Companion’.

Companion – the word brought to my mind my son and my sister, so I could not think of a better photograph to share than this one of us enjoying one of the days from the blizzard of Jan 2016. 40 more words

September Photoposts Calling!

It’s perhaps a bit early in the month but I like to be organised – besides which many of you might be going on holiday at some point and might not see this post for a while. 184 more words

Shutterbug Showcase - A Cosy Corner

Thanks for the excellent prompt @foodeezjunction. Must admit I struggled though as I rarely take photos indoors and all I could think of doing when I saw the prompt was disappearing off and sitting in a comfy seat with a book and a glass of wine! 141 more words