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Another grey area

I’m looking forward to British Summer Time and can’t wait for our country to modernise and abolish this outdated practise! Apparently in the U.S. springing forward takes place this Sunday morning. 86 more words


Stu reblogged this and commented:

Yeah today's weather photos are disappointing compared to yesterday's snaps! How long you gonna keep that window open waiting to see if you can update that post yet? Maybe the update lock is a helpful hint to keep it as a photopost and just link to yesterday's photo in a new post? Dunno why it would have dropped out of the media library there though... just upload it again? crikey technology's sposed to make life easier not be forcing you to redo effort put in already! Life's never fair - nor was the weather where i was either. ... maybe you should've stuck with your 'screenshots only' policy after all?

What a grey day for Skywatch Friday

I came across this weekly link up event while browsing. I’m often taking photos of the skies from my home – they’re never the same twice, although they can be fairly similar, the skies and effects of the light are fascinating.  262 more words


Blossoms - TreeLove #1

There is a beautiful quote by Kahlil Gibran :

Trees are poems that the Earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness.

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Remembering Panna

Panna lal Pradhan (1932-2006) was the first Nepali Psychologist who made significant contributions for the development of educational system and higher education in Nepal.

The tribute blog post will be shared online on 25 Feb on the occasion of 11th death anniversary. 92 more words


Sauraha canoeing

Always fun and relaxing to be surrounded by nature.