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Mock Ups and Velocity OS

I wanted to create some photorealistic mock ups of the device and the interface to visualise them as a product. So I created these images below. 156 more words

Major Project

Turning Heads

Finally finished the head model. I made a video of it revolving to show it from all angles. The only part that I’m not sure about it the ears, the top of them look a little odd but I don’t know why. 82 more words


Refining my Research

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been refining my research intentions and creating a research question I can follow through for the rest of the year. 437 more words


Unreal Engine 4 Is The Wrong Name

While I’ll not only admit, but proudly proclaim, that I am a huge geek, I’m not a huge video game geek, but sometimes something happens in the gaming world that is so cool, I just get giddy.  342 more words


Writing Warm-up Exercise

On my first day back, we were split up into groups of about 10 people with an assigned mentor. We were given a series of tasks to start off our exegesis. 897 more words