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Public garden

It would have been more glamour if the photo had been taken on early moring or evening.  Still, it was almost 5 O’clock in the afternoon.

July 2017.


#1958 - Photo Tales (42)


The theme of this Photo Tales post is my latest experiments in the kitchen!

Photo #93

My long weekend trip to Lyon gave me a kitchen experiment inspiration for a duck fillet steak. 691 more words


Sunshine and smiles

To a far flung horizon
beneath a blue sky
Far away in the distance
where warmer climes lie

From a beach on an island
where one day to another… 59 more words



Re-posting since I added a video at the bottom. It’s a work in progress.

Red can vary in shade and sometimes the names for these reds have a certain connotation which may be different for different people. 221 more words

Sweet Home Alabama

Photo Challenge, Satisfaction: Serenity Coasting on the Summer Breeze

 A broad river mirroring a summer sky or a two-track lane’s invitation to explore a pine forest  each whisper satisfaction to me. 17 more words


Out and About: Northfield, MN

I’d never been to Minnesota until recently, when my husband and I got on a plane to go to a wedding. I had no idea what to expect, but it wasn’t poetry stamped onto the sidewalks! 131 more words