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Sunset over Blarney

There was a beautiful sky last night. Here’s my poor attempt at capturing it on my phone on the way back from a walk along the River Martin.



Travelling back from a lovely day spent with lovely friends, the sun was dropping down below the horizon; my camera had given up working but I used my phone to snatch this picture with not great hopes of how it would look… Because I had my phone pressed against the window, of course there was reflection and part of the phone itself was visible in the photo; it gives such a weird look to the end product! 21 more words


A Day at Kew Gardens

London in August is interesting. Unlike Paris, the city doesn’t empty of everyone who lives there the other 11 months of the year to make room for the tourists. 284 more words

How I Live

Big Two-Headed Horse

An idea for a story, perhaps? What’s your take on that idea? It might be awesome if this animal crossed the river Hemingway wrote about. Remember, “Big Two-Hearted River?” 30 more words


Yard long beans

My brother and his wife gave me a bundle of yard long beans from his garden. And, of course, that’s dinner tonight.

Cut the yard long beans or if there are no yard long beans, green beans will do as well. 83 more words



When you keep a secret from your friend and they find out and start giving you shit about it, then they ask you why you kept it from them in the first place