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Night life!

Tonight was beautiful the sounds of the night was peaceful but eerie with the trains whistle echoing along the mountains and river that Is home to the tracks ,the moon shined above, the photo made it look like a fool moon almost there. 87 more words

Laying Over in Qatar

“Is it safe?” That’s what people kept asking me when I told them our layover back to Indonesia would be in Qatar. Well, after asking, “Where is that?” The Middle East, especially in America, is often talked about with fear and apprehension. 836 more words

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The best way I know to make you smile.

I’m not a smiley person. (Shocker.) I grin a lot. And I laugh all the time, but I’ve got one of those resting serious faces. Of course I am quite capable of soft, sweet, gentle smiles, but those are reserved for close family and friends. 366 more words

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How far would you go to get to your favorite place?

This week’s photo challenge is to show a favorite place … a happy place, a secret spot. In the first half of my life, I had many favorite hideaways, almost all of them outdoors.  842 more words

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Can I "camp" in a van, so the monsters don't get me?

This week’s weekly photo challenge prompt is “I’d rather be …”

I had to think long and hard about this one, because I pretty much love my life as it unfolds; I’ve reached an age where I decide what I’m doing in any given moment. 570 more words

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A picture can prompt a thousand words.

My first thought, when I saw this week’s prompt, was to share a few of the photographs I’ve taken which have either inspired stories and story elements, or served as reference for scenes I’ve written. 311 more words

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Video & Audio Stories for Malcolm Moreno: From Madrid to New Rochelle

Both the audio and video story forms for my feature interview with Iona Men’s Soccer player Malcolm Moreno!

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