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You want creepy? My whole blog is creepy!

I’ve felt incredibly welcomed into the PostAWeek community from the very start, and now I’m half-convinced they are making prompts just for me. This week’s theme is, of course, ‘creepy’ and I’m all over that :) 429 more words

Photos & Video

SpongeTrek: The Beggining

Hello wordpressers! Check out this cool drawing I made last night! It’s Star Trek + SpongeBob

Yes, Squidward will be a girl for this and sandy’s head is very small. 15 more words

Photos & Video

Geese beneath my feet.

This week’s photo challenge prompt is ‘Beneath Your Feet.’ I’ve got some ideas about shots to take this week, but I’m not sure I can do better than to share a favorite set of photos from my digital scrapbook, of an exciting event that took place, over the course of weeks, right under my feet. 615 more words

Renae Rude

An art car at Cub. (I love my life.)

The owner came out of Cub to find me circling her vehicle, taking snapshots.

I told her I liked her car, and that I thought it was very personal. 161 more words

My Paranormal Life

Our distant future, glimpsed through a door.

Busy week. We’re all coming off the bustle of a holiday weekend and, as I mentioned on Monday, my husband’s car was rear-ended on Sunday afternoon. 408 more words

Renae Rude

Remembering Youngstown: Chaney Class of 1962

CHANEY HIGH SCHOOL – CLASS OF ’62 – This slide show features classic images from the “Lariat,” the high school’s annual yearbook. The 1962 yearbook was part of the reading material at a barbershop on the West Side of Youngstown. Go Cowboys!