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Snakes are back too!

Look at this fabulous photo courtesy of Chris Tallowin.  Chris has done some research and thinks he knows what type of snake it is, but please comment to give us your opinion.   8 more words

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Hummers are back...

…and they are hungry!  Get your feeders out.

Thanks to Debra Ceravolo for this incredible shot!

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Back Tae The Future Film!

A #FreshCreations & 14C Film Studio partnership to create Back tae the Future short film set in Clydebank! 71 young people took part in this project over the Easter holidays 2016.

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Raw Run: Adam Garcia | New York

New video just posted! Took a trip to New York this past weekend and got some clips of ballsy shredder and friend Adam Garcia bombing down a beautiful run in the woods. 7 more words

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Monmouth County Landscapes (Gallery)

I keep digging up photos I totally forgot about, but I will post some current work soon. These were shot in the fall of 2013 as part of a landscape photo project. 24 more words

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Snowboard Season Ender 2015/2016

Well, winter is over and spring is (finally) here for real on the east coast. Despite the low snow numbers here this season, it was still my best season ever. 29 more words

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Keseruan di Jejakecil

#odopfor99days #day70

Jumat pagi, sibuk dengan persiapan buat si kecil mau ikut seru-seruan sekolah (ceritanya). Sarapan udah, mandi udah. Saya masih agak lemes karna tidur jam 2 beresin portofolio buat besoknya. 579 more words