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explore ATX: Bouldin Creek Cafe

Bouldin Creek Cafe is probably my new favorite restaurant in Austin. I briefly mentioned it in one of my other Explore Austin posts, but I feel like I should do a separate post just on this cafe to do it justice. 179 more words


Kuantan caught on film

On a recent long weekend, we decided to drive to Kuantan to enjoy the beach, the sun and nature. We loved every bit of it and we had a great time. 92 more words


The big 24!

WSU 3rd year Documentary Screening: Awfully Unlawful🎬📷

Best memories at University were made with this woman; a no nonsense kinda girl! This goes to all my other friends as well. 39 more words

Square in September #3

I promised Lisa from A Day In The Life  that I would post a White Hydrangea for Beckys A Life of a 40 Something  Square in September flower challenge. 73 more words


SME: Self-Motivated Education

  1. WIDE APERTURE:-Wide aperture is used when you want your camera to focus well on one subject. When you use a small depth of field, or wide aperture, your camera will focus on one thing and make the background blurry.
  2. 247 more words