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Maja Madness

Went out for a little walk with my friend, Maja. She was such a good sport in letting me practice snapping some shots! I got so many of her cracking up and even a few of her falling, but I’m not that evil. 74 more words


Sneak Peek

Keri Kropp behind the scenes of her photo shoot for The Scout Guide.


Chaos And The Calm

Lounging in a comfy couch with the pattering of rain outside the window, she turns on the TV just to complete the perfect home-night setting. While browsing Instagram, the TV blares another one of those cosmetic commercials: Silky. 311 more words


3 shades (part 3)

I love them all. I think Jo just took 5 shots and I decided to post all five of them.

Why wait for someone to call you pretty when you can tell yourself that.


A Small Preview

Had a lovely day with my lovely friend who agreed to let me practice photography! I have a bunch of pics to post from the day but here’s one, for now.

Amateur Photography

Spring flowers

This spring creeped in quite suddenly. It felt like yesterday was snow and blizzards like Narnia and the next day was sunshine and bird-chirping. It might also be that my calendar has somehow kept super busy the past few weeks that I’m almost not noticing other changes in life. 139 more words