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Candid Santorini honeymoon photo shoot

Candid Santorini honeymoon photo shoot

The magic of Santorini photo sessions, honeymoon shoots and engagements are both greater and simpler than I ever imagined. It’s not just the sunsets and sunrises, love and romance. 79 more words

Photo Session

Flower Girl (A Photoshoot) + A New Poll

Hey, guys! Long time no see!

My family is finally back from Europe, and if you haven’t been following our adventures on my personal blog, you can check it out right… 96 more words


They really do say a picture says a thousand words..

So I have hella insecurities. Surprise surprise. Like many women, well many people, from a very young age I never felt very pretty. I grew up a little chunky… then when I wasn’t chunky I never felt very skinny. 286 more words

BREAKING NEWS! Tiny gets educated!

Reporter Bolognese live at the scene of action.

Tiny Bok Choy, 6 months old was not available for comment.

As you know, it’s very important every six month old guinea pig gets educated about things in life and Tiny Bok Choy is no exception. 61 more words

My first shoot of 2019

Hello everyone!

So if you saw my recent video you’ll know that the back end of last year I spent being pretty ill, and the first half of last year working myself to exhaustion. 609 more words

Alt Model

Vorontsov Palace, Crimea

Dress, bonnet: Souffle Song – Magic Night in Museum

Lolita Photoshoots