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Snowdon, May 2015.

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Upgrades that lose functionality or is it really IT's fault?

We have been on a trial version of Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Teams for the last month or so, because for some reason I am not privy too, our accounts had been canceled. 536 more words


The ins n' outs and why things never happen.

Today while I was working, I had Spotify going and just playing a miss-mash of music. It decided to play a song I haven’t heard in a while by a band called “Thumb.” The band, as far as I know, is now defunct. 367 more words


Canon Cannon - Breaking the Rules in Photography

I’ve seen quite a few photos with this strange look. If you’ve browsed my Lomographs gallery over at SmugMug, chances are you’ve probably seen them too. 175 more words