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Wildflower Painting

August Wildflower — Computer Painting by kenne

August wildflower
Summertime on the mountain
Water in the creek.

— kenne


"Keep'n the Blues Alive" -- Ten Years Out

Member of Bryan Lee’s Band Taking A Break Outside the Corner Pub (June 2, 2007), Conroe, Texas — Image by kenne

Computer Art by kenne… 35 more words


Abstract Art, 2015 -- Revised

Abstract Art, 2015 (Fall Colors) — Computer Art by kenne

Mixing fall colors
Shapes changing lost to the eye
Abstract, maybe not.

— kenne


Cat Cafe - base colours

I just moved into my very own house!  No more renting!  I can paint the walls bright colours and finally have a garden all of my own!  46 more words

3d Modelling

Creek Reflections

Creek Reflections — Computer Art by kenne

Sky above,

water below,

or is it

the other way around —

it’s your call

in our upside-down


— kenne


Tanuri Ridge Sunrise

Tanuri Ridge Sunrise — Computer Art by kenne


Why do we bother with the rest of the day,
the swale of the afternoon,
the sudden dip into evening, 102 more words



Work-in-progress study that’s been kicking around in my hard drive untouched for awhile. Look forward to finishing this (what a concept).