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Bryce Canyon National Park -- Two Panoramas

Bryce Canyon National Park — Panoramas by kenne

We live in a wonderful world that is
full of beauty, charm and adventure.
There is no end to the adventures… 15 more words


Photoshop - improve photo with HDR

Using HDR to adjust (equalize) the contrast so you get more detail in a photo.  You can also add adjustment layers at the end to tweak the image.   48 more words


Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Panorama

Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Panorama (Zion National Park, September 15, 2016) — Image by kenne

To live for some future goal is shallow.
It’s the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.

— Robert M. Pirsig


Desert Cotton Plant Blossom

Desert Cotton Plant Blossom — Computer Art by kenne

Behind many a successful person lies a string of lucky breaks that we have no inkling about.

— Richard E. Nisbett


Man, A Two-legged Paradox

Sunset over the Sea of Cortez from Hacienda de los Santos in Guaymas, Sonora (January 24, 2016) — Image by kenne 

“There is a strange duality in the human which makes for an ethical paradox. 109 more words


Mixed Layers Send Mixed Messages

Mixed Layers Send Mixed Messages — Computer Art by kenne

You view and image
You see what you want to see
Sometimes, somethings not.

Sometimes through your eyes… 12 more words