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Enlight - Photo Editing App Review

I will start by saying, I very rarely pay for apps, ever, let alone one that is £2.99. However, after reading some of the reviews on this app, I thought I’d give it a go. 434 more words


More hiking photos & Volunteering for the first time

Hiking – This is a view from the Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls trail. The trail was pretty hard on me. I go to the gym three or four times a week so I was bummed with myself. 643 more words


Demonstrating Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC Tomorrow

As part of the PVNET open house tomorrow, I will be demonstrating Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.  This is part of an huge event being presented by PVNET at the Peninsula Center immediately below the  Regal Theaters. 70 more words

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Using Other Apps in Your Workflow

The final stage of development in Photoshop CC for Web Design is Using Other Apps in Your Workflow. This section covers Creating and using CSS with Photoshop, Exporting HTML from Photoshop to an integrated development environment (IDE), Using Edge Reflow to test responsive designs and Using Photoshop files in Muse websites. 


Creating Image Sprites

The next stage of development in Photoshop CC for Web Design is Creating Image Sprites. This section covers What is an image sprite?, Developing a sprite grid, Assembling your sprite and Optimizing sprite images.

Web Design

Optimizing Web Graphics

The next stage of development in Photoshop CC for Web Design is Optimizing Web Graphics. This section covers Understanding when to use images vs. CSS, Decoding web file formats, Optimizing individual images, Using the Photoshop web asset generator and How and when to use SVGs.


Assembling a Page Mockup

The next stage of development in Photoshop CC for Web Design is Assembling a Page Mockup. This section covers Applying your color scheme, Styling navigation, Styling input areas, Adding copy from your client, Adding images to your mockup and Adding the finishing touches to your design.

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