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One Frame

I was asked by my friend Mark Carruthers to do a blog about one of my favorite images that I’ve captured over the years and I wanted to share here as well. 462 more words


Art Deco Alice in Wonderland!

Obviously painting isnt my strongest suit, but this was really fun to do! Should go back and add to this and polish it!

Crave Slays the Dragon

In early 2011 the characters in each panel of this picture went to Deal’s Gap on the border between TN|NC. That rode has 138 curves in 11 miles!!!!! 10 more words

Exploding Planet

Made this in high school actually! All rendered and created in Photoshop, no outside sources used! Only like 2 hours for the main planet!

Crash Bandicoot made from Food!

This was a project about a crazy collage essentially. Different fruits, meats, and foods were used in this. 451 individual pieces of fruit!! Lost the source files though, boo!

Steve the hedgehog!

Steve is a good guy, and likes his hair short. Had to make this to have a little fun at a friend’s expense. Thanks for being a good sport, Steve!