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Black (and White) Friday

I am not rushing the Christmas shopping season with a Black (and White) Friday blog entry! Gracious, I’m all for waiting until Santa rides down Fifth Avenue in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade before I start the Christmas season. 504 more words

Write 31 Days

Graphics for Social Media: Details Make the Difference

When it comes to some of the most popular social media sites, profile pictures and cover photos can be considered somewhat of a standard. Facebook… 463 more words

Autumn Fun (...the leaves were not at their peak color yet, there was still a great vibe in the air...)

Ryan is new, but a fast learner. We had a great outdoor shoot in Stockton, NJ along the Delaware River. It was a beautiful autumn day and while the leaves were not at their peak color yet, there was still a great vibe in the air that added to our mood. 65 more words


CS Package - Day one

Today I learned a little more about using the Adobe Photoshop software.The tool we were using for this lesson was the “mask” tool. Using the mask tool we manipulated each letter of the alphabet on different layers and gave them a glitchy effect by duplicating the letter, and masking the top and bottom end on the two separate layers. 110 more words

The Big 3: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

If you were anything like me growing up you didn’t exactly know the different capabilities between Adobe’s three software giants: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Personally though now that I’ve started designing at a higher level, I’ve realized the importance of knowing which product to use, and when you should use it. 352 more words

Texture Tip & Talk

Maybe you have noticed… I’m a big fan of using textures in my images.

If you’re new to textures and not quite sure how to get started, the people at Topaz have made it very easy.   164 more words